The FX Boss

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The FX Boss

Anyone who is even a little serious about airguns, is familiar with FX Airguns.
This Swedish brand is one of the best airgun brands available for both hunting and competition shooting.

Therefore, an airgun from FX is a common sight at any competition.
And often in the hands of the winner.

The Boss
Today, we are going to talk about the FX Boss.
The FX Boss is one of the more powerful and famous airgun from the FX line-up.

This rifle has a robust design with ease of use in mind.

The FX Boss in synthetic and walnut

What makes the Boss so great?
With 101 joules of energy, the FX Boss is one of the more powerful airguns
The combination of this power and the larger calibre of 7.62mm (.30) indicates that this rifle is
made for powerful long range shots.
With a 9 shot magazine you can repeat your shots rapidly using the side-lever.
With tested accuracy of ½ inch at 75 yards the Boss is deadly on game like Coyote or small

The internals
Of course, it's not only the high power and calibre that makes this gun great. (It does add to
the fun factor)
But it's also the great accuracy and quality that you expect from this brand.
To achieve these high demands, FX has applied all its high-end techniques.

Because of the build-in regulator, this airgun has a consistent energy output up to 48 shots.
This is possible because the regulator ensures that the rifle uses the same air pressure until
you reach 140 bar (2030 psi).
Only after this, the pressure will be lower and you will start to have a loss in energy.
When you reach this point, you can refill the airgun.

Smooth Twist barrel
The FX Boss uses a 61cm (24") Smooth Twist barrel.
This proven barrel design has (in contrary to most airguns) a smooth bore in the begin and
ends with rifled grooves.
This works as follows:
     -Because the pellet has no resistance at first, it can reach a higher velocity.
     -Further in the barrel, the pellet will engage a light rifling that has an increasing twist-rate which will cause it to rotate.
     -When the pellet leaves the barrel, it will have the desired velocity and spin. Resulting in a great range and accuracy.
This barrel is equipped with an integral suppressor. Which will lower the sound of the shot significantly.

Side-lever cocking
This cocking system can be found in almost every FX gun.
In contrary to the common bolt-action where you pull the bolt up and back. You pull this lever
to the side and back.
Resulting in a smooth and fast cycling action.


Adjustable two-stage trigger
This match-trigger can be adjusted to the shooter preferences.
Furthermore, the position of the trigger can be adjusted to the shooters grip and finger position.

The stock
Of course, looks are important too. And FX knows this.
This rifle is available in a polymer and walnut stock
This stock has a pistol grip with a thumbhole. Resulting in a relaxed and ergonomic grip.

An important note for the lefties between us:
The polymer stock is only available for right-hand users. This is because due to a thumb and cheek-rest on the left side.
The walnut stock is ambidextrous, and can be used by both left and right handed shooters.

In short:
Are you looking for an airgun that has both power and accuracy?
Capable for a precise shot and having enough punch for hunting?
Then the FX Boss is a solid choice.

Want to know more? Below is a video overview made in our store:




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