Depressurizing the FX Wildcat MK3 (without bottle)

Depressurizing the FX Wildcat MK3 (without bottle)

When working on our airguns, we do it safely.
Failing to do so might be dangerous to ourselves. But most importantly, it might damage the airgun.

The best way to make sure your PCP airgun is safe, is by depressurizing the system.

Of course, we're not taking our rifle apart every day. But are you doing some maintenance? Or are you planning to install a Slug Power Kit? Then it's best to do this safely.

Depressurizing the FX Wildcat MK3 (without the bottle) is quite simple and can be done in the following steps.


First we pull the dust cover off the air cylinder. This exposes the pressure gauge.

On older models, the gauge has a small rectangular design behind to that allows you to unscrew it with a wrench.
Newer models like the picture do not have this. The walls of the gauge are usually too thin to put a wrench on them.
In this case, I like to use 27 socket that fit tightly around the gauge.

Now we can unscrew the gauge until it starts to hiss air. Do not unscrew the gauge any further.
Let the air hiss out until it stops hissing. After this, unscrew it a little more until all the air has escaped.

The air escapes through a hole in the tube. Some models of the Wildcat have an X-ring behind the gauge.
This ring is self expanding and does not need to be tightened. This allows the gauge to be aligned straight up.

I found that these x-rings might tear through the venting hole be degassing too quickly.
Therefore, be careful when doing this. Broke your x-ring? We have a spare.


Now that the air cylinder/tube is empty, make sure your plenum is also empty by firing a few shots on low power.

Now we can work safely on our FX Wildcat MK3!

Installing a power kit? Check our video:


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