How to: Adjusting the FX Maverick & Wildcat BT Regulators

How to: Adjusting the FX Maverick & Wildcat BT Regulators

The FX Maverick and Wildcat BT airguns offer not one, but two(!) regulators.
This promotes consistency, but also creates a problem: How the **** do you adjust these?

Are you wondering how to adjust the regulator on your FX Maverick or Wildcat MK3 BT?
Luckily this is rather simple and we will explain it to you.


What is a regulator?

Simply put, this is a part of neat engineering that sits in between the bottle and a chamber (a.k.a. the plenum) and only lets air through until this chamber has reached a certain pressure.
When a shot is fired, this chamber pressure quickly drops and the regulator will refill the chamber.
Now, as long as the pressure in the bottle is higher that the set regulator pressure, the chamber will be refilled to the exact same pressure every time.
The result is the same pressure, same energy and same precision for every shot.

So a regulator is an extremely important part for precision. Did you write that down?


Dual regulators

Now as mentioned, the Maverick and Wildcat MK3 BT rifles have not the usual one regulator, but two.
The first reg reduces the high pressure of the bottle to a level that is easier for the second reg to consistently work with.
In theory, this promotes consistency and thus precision!


Adjusting the dual regulators

Now to adjust the two regulators correctly, you need to keep a 40 bar difference between the two regulators.
So you need to know the regulators set pressures. The one issue is: the first regulator doesn't have a gauge!


The Maverick/Wildcat has two gauges: One near the bottle for the fill pressure. And one in the back that shows the plenum pressure.
To know the first regulator's pressure, you need to bypass the second regulator by opening it all the way.
This way, the gauge in the back will show the first regulators pressure.


How to do this correctly: check out our video!
Here we show you how to align the Maverick's regulator tube, raise the pressure and lower it again.



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