The Hatsan Blitz BP

The Hatsan Blitz BP

The Blitz BP is a "bullpup"variant of the the Hatsan Blitz PCP rifle.
This compact airgun offers semi- and fully automatic fire at high speeds and with lots of power.


The Blitz BP is more compact than the original Blitz, but it maintains it full length barrel and power thanks to the Bullpup design.

In this design, the magazine and rear of the barrel are placed behind the trigger in the rear of the stock.
The result is a rifle that keeps the full length 585mm rifled barrel and reduces the Blitz's length of 115cm to a compact 90cm.

The BP's stock is is equipped with a rail section on the bottom that is further to the rear, making it very suitable for a grip or other attachments.




Unlike the normal Blitz with its carry handle sights, the Blitz BP does not have any iron sights by default.
The rifle does have Hatsan's double rail. This rail accepts optics with both 11mm dovetail and 22mm picatinny/weaver mounts.



The Hatsan Blitz's power and firing rate

The Blitz does not only shoot fast, it has power.

With an rpm or approx. 1100 pellets per minute, the Blitz empties its magazine in around a second!
Of course, the magazine capacity and power differs per caliber.
Especially with the fairly new High capacity magazines that are now availabe!

So we made a little table:

Caliber Capacity Std / High Muzzle energy
5.5mm (.22) 21 / 45 49
6.35mm (.25) 19 / 39 56
7.62mm (.30) 16 / 33 72



Shipping to the US

When we started shipping worldwide, we were surprised to learn that the Blitz BP is hard to get in the USA.

Recently we got our first orders from the US, Australia, New Zealand and  many other countries. And we are glad to note that all of these rifles arrived at our customers without any issues. With many happy review that followed.

When shipping outside the EU, the VAT is shifted. And depending on your local tax rate, this might even be beneficial to your total price.
Want to know more? Check our shipping page.



Want to know more about the Blitz BP and see it in action? Check our latest video:


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