Installing the FX Wildcat & Maverick Tungsten power kit

Installing the FX Wildcat & Maverick Tungsten power kit

The Power Kit for the FX Maverick increases airflow and allows the shooter to experiment with much higher regulator pressures.

Tungsten Hammer weight

In our previous blog/video we explain how to adjust the regulator pressure of the FX Maverick & Wildcat MK3 BT.

Normally a higher regulator pressure also means more power. But what you may encounter when experimenting is that if the pressure is too high, you suddenly have less power.
This is because the pressure in the plenum is so high that the hammer can no longer open the valve.
This is called "valve lock".

A solution is to put more tension the hammer spring with the power wheel, but this only works up to a certain pressure.
This power kit for the Maverick/Wildcat is equipped with a tungsten hammer weight (also available separately) that is considerably heavier than the standard hammer weight.
This gives the hammer a significantly higher momentum to open the valve.
This allows you to experiment with much higher regulator pressures.


Pin probe

The next item included in the power kit is the pin probe.
This probe has an optimized design for improved airflow and is adjustable in length.

The latter allows the shooter to adjust the optimal seating depth. This is the depth at which the pellet/slug will be seated in the barrel.
It is really recommended to experiment with this. But be careful: if you turn the pin too far, the magazine will no longer fit and you can damage it!

The pin probe is in caliber .22 (5.5mm) and comes with 2 cylinders to change the caliber to .25 (6.35mm) or .30 (7.62mm).


How to install the power kit!

This, we explain in our newest video:

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us and we will help you further.


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