The Weihrauch HW97 underlever airguns

The Weihrauch HW97 underlever airguns

When you're interested in airguns, it's very likely that you have heard
of Weihrauch.
Weihrauch is world famous for the quality and precision of its airguns and airpistols.

Today we're looking at the Weihrauch HW97 Blackline and the HW97K.
There's not much difference between the Blackline and the HW97K besides the synthetic

stock and the thumbhole. So all the technical aspect remain the same.


Praised for its accuracy, the HW97 is a fixed-barrel under lever airgun. And is considered to
be a jewel amongst the spring-piston airguns.
These airguns are easy to spot amongst both hobby shooters, varmint hunters, and target
shooters alike.

What's so special about it?
The first thing that catches the eye, is the lever underneath the barrel.
Most spring powered airguns use a break-action to cock the spring and load a pellet.
The HW97 in contrary, uses the lever underneath the barrel to compress the spring a nd open
a loading gate.

What does that mean?
Glad you asked! Because the HW97 uses this underlever system, the barrel is fixed in place.
Whereas with a break barrel system, the barrel is on a hinge.
This improves the accuracy and reduces any chance on wear and tear.
Surely, it's not only the loading system adding to the name.

Besides the under lever, the HW97 sports the famous match-grade Rekord trigger.

This trigger is easy to tune and shoots as smooth as butter.
Unlike the HW97K, the Blackline features a thumbhole stock.

This prevents the muscles in
your hand from straining, aiding in more precise shooting.
Featuring superb German engineering, the Weihrauch barrels an construction of the rifle are
precision quality and their accuracy has been proven in both hobby as competition.

Shooting a 5.5mm (.22) pellet at 230m/s (750fps), it sure does pack a punch when shooting
solid targets or when hunting varmint.

Why AirgunsEurope?

Unlike alot of european shops, we offer the full-power 20 joules version of the HW97.

Wereas most shops in europe are limited to to lower power versions due to the restrictions in
their countries.

Great! But surely there are downsides to it?
It could be considered a downside. But when handed a HW97, you realise It's quite heavy.
Around 4kg (around 8.8 lbs).

But this is due to the synthetic stock being completely solid. In
contrary to the hollow stocks found on most other airguns.

This actually adds to it rigidity and accuracy, but is something to keep in mind.
Also, the metal is completely blued steel. This beautiful shiny metal is found on a lot of
(air)guns, but is prone to rust.

So it's a good practice to keep this metal in a small coating of a
gun oil like Brunox or Ballistol, to prevent rust.

In short.
All in all, the Weihrauch HW97 Blackline and the HW97K are fantastic airguns, praised by
many, and found in almost every shooting field.
If you are looking for a great airgun that will last you many years and shoot every shot through
the same hole, this is certainly the one.


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