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ATN X-Sight 5 LRF 5-25x Day/Night scope


The latest model in the X-Sight night vision goggles series from ATN!
The X-Sight 5 is more compact, lighter and equipped with a sharper 4K sensor.

This LRF variant is equipped with a laser rangefinder with a range of up to 1000 meters!

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The ATN X-Sight has been the tool of choice for hunters and pest controllers for many years.
With a sharp image and good ballistic calculator, this rifle scope is suitable for any distance and task.

This new 5th generation is equipped with a faster processor, a sharper sensor and a laser rangefinder (LRF).
This powerful system is now assembled in a more compact and lightweight package than the previous generation!


Day & Night

The ATN X-Sight is a riflescope that can be used both during the day and at night.
This is thanks to the collaboration between the crisp 4K sensor and the included infrared (IR) light.

In day mode, this light is of course unnecessary and the image is rich in colours.
At night, switch the optic to night mode and the image will become gray.
The scope automatically removes its internal infrared filter so that it can observe the invisible IR light.


Image & Magnification

The ATN X-Sight 5 has a new sharper 4K camera/sensor and a faster Gen5 Quad core processor.
This sensor and processor project the image on a bright 1280x960 screen at the back of the riflescope.

This variant of the X-Sight has an optical basic magnification of 5x.
This rifle scope can digitally zoom in on this up to 25x.
This makes this variant very suitable for pest control and hunting at medium to longer distances where a clear image at higher magnification is preferred.
When a wide field of view is preferred, then we recommend the ATN X-Sight 5 LRF 3-15x.

Thanks to the 4K sensor and new processor, X-Sight 5 has a surprisingly sharp image.
Even when zoomed in, the image remains quite clear.
That said, just like any other digital night/thermal imaging scope, what you're looking at still consists of pixels.
So you will not see the side of a playing card at 100m as clearly as with a good optical riflescope.



The ATN X-Sight night vision scope has an impressive a battery life up to 14 hours.
One great upgrade in contrast to the previous generation, is that the included IR-Flashlight now uses rechargeable 18650 batteries.
This is a huge upgrade compared to the non-rechargeable batteries that the previous light used.


LRF & Ballistic Calculator

The highlight of this scope is the laser rangefinder (LRF) and the ballistic calculator.

The LRF is located on the left side of the X-Sight 5. This measures the distance to the target up to a kilometer away!
Knowing the distance, you can of course calculate your hold-over yourself and compensate accordingly.
But if you have measured and entered your ballistics, this scope can calculate the bullet's trajectory and adjust its reticle.

This makes these optics suitable the perfect tool for ethical and responsible work in hunting and pest management.



A nice practical thing about the X-Sight is that it comes with 3 mounting rings:

    • 1 With 22mm rail on the sides for mounting the IR Lamp or other accessories.
    • 1 Normal straight mounting.
    • 1 Mounting recessed mounting for weapons with shorter rails.

These mounts fit on 22mm picatinny rails.
If you have a different mounting such as 11mm you will need to purchase additional mounts.


Profiles & Reticles

Like many other digital rifle scopes, you can create multiple profiles in this scope.
This allows you to easily switch between other weapons or ammunition types without having to re-enter all your values.

You can also adjust and personalize the reticle for each profile.
You can use one of the default options and customize it in colour/style.
What makes the ATN X-Sight 5 unique is that you can now also design your own reticle!



The ATN X-Sight 5 LRF 5-25x is a scope with many features and options
If the shooter wants to keep it simple, these do not get in the way, and if desired, he/she can personalize this scope completely to his or her liking.

With great optical quality at day & night and a battery life up to 14 hours(!), this is a great tool!

We are happy to include this scope in our optics range and add it to our arsenal of night vision devices!

Sensor: ATN 4K+ 30/60/120 FPS
Resolution: 4056x3040 sensor & 1280x960 display
Magnification: 5-25x
Refresh rate: 30/60/120 FPS
Wavelength: 850nm
FOV: 6.3° (11m @ 100 m)
Focus: Ocular & objective lens adjustable
Sizes: 385x76x56 mm
Weight: 990 grams
Storage: Slot for 4 to 64 GB SD Card (V30 class)
Waterproof: Weather proof
Other features: 22mm Picatinny/Weaver Mounting rings, charging cable, 18650 battery, battery charger, 840nm IR lamp, flip cover, sun shade, case, eye-cup, lens cloth
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