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Stellar SH35 Thermal scope


The HikMicro Stellar SH35 rifle scope provides very clear thermal images and bypasses normal factors such as darkness and bad weather conditions.

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In addition to making it easy to find your target, thermal imaging bypasses the usually obstructing factors such as weather and daylight.
The thermal detection range of 1800 meters and a well-adjustable objective lens that can focus even as close as 2 meters, makes this scope very suitable for a wide spectrum of uses from hunting to pest control.

Thanks to the 4 color modes (White-hot, Black-hot, Fusion (Ironbow), and Red-hot) and adjustable contrast, the is ideal for any situation.


Up to 15 hours of power

You must have a very long shooting session to use up this battery.
The Stellar SH35 is equipped with an internal rechargeable battery and has a compartment for an extra CR123A 3V battery. (Note: RCR123A rechargeable batteries are 3.6-3.7 volts and should not be used)

This allows you to easily add extra battery life to the viewer if it is almost empty.
Thanks to this feature, you can always be sure of a working viewer by simply keeping a few extra batteries on hand.


Image quality

The 384x288 thermal image sensor in combination with the OLED display provides a clear image for the shooter.
Following that, the 50 fps screen then gives the viewer a smooth image.

With a NETD value of < 35mk, the SH35 has a very good thermal contrast without too much noise.
As a result, this also gives a clear and clear view on small targets such as pests.


Photo, video & hotspot

Like many digital rifle scopes, the Stellar SH35 can take photos and videos and are stored on the built-in memory.

You can even connect to a smartphone via a built-in hotspot to "stream" the image and even update the firmware (so no hassle with SD cards).


Mounting the HikMicro Stellar SH35

Thanks to the 30mm tube size, the SH35 is well suited for any normal 30mm rifle scope mounting.
This allows a mount-system suitable for the weapon and purpose to be used.
For example, with the FX No Limit montages, the scop can be zeroed vertically with the adjustable mounts, and the reticle can remain centered in the display.


In short

The HikMicro Stellar SH35 thermal imaging rifle scope is a very nice scope, and HikMicro has clearly thought about the details and ease of use.
With a classic finish of a traditional rifle scope and recessed buttons, it will fit any weapon.

If you have any questions about this rifle scope? Don't hesitate to call or mail us!

Sensor/lens: 384x288 (35mm lens)
Refresh rate: 50 fps
NETD value (mk): <35
FOV: 7.53° x 5.65°
Magnification: 2.7x optical + 1x, 2x, 4x 8x digital (21,6x max)
Focus: Adjustable objective and ocular
Detection range: 1800 meters
Color modes: White-hot, Black-hot, Fusion, Red-hot
Size: 407x78x76
Weight: 890 grams
Memory: 64gb
Waterproof: IP67
Accessories: Battery (CR123A), case, lens cloth, USB cable
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