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IR-Illuminator HikMicro 940 Nm Easy


This HikMicro IR-illuminator can be used in combination with night vision optics.
With a wavelength of 940nm, it is extremely suitable for pest control without giving a red glow.

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Article number: IR 940nm Easy
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Many night vision scopes and goggles use IR (infrared) illuminators for support.
Normal night vision amplifies residual light to provide a clear visible image, which is usually much more difficult to see with the naked eye.
If there is no residual light, for example because there is a large cloud cover in front of the moon and stars or because you are inside a barn or shed, this IR lamp can offer the solution.



Because an IR light often provides the necessary support, they are usually included with most night vision scopes.
However, these often have a wavelength of 850nm. This is a great wavelength for general use and for long distances.
However, this wavelength can give off a slight red glow that is visible up close.

This lamp has a wavelength of 940nm and therefore does not give a red glow, but has a shorter range (still 200m).
This makes this cloth extremely suitable for pest control that often takes place at short distances.



The HikMicro IR-Illuminator uses a rechargeable HM-3632DC or an 18650 battery and works for up to 5 hours.

These batteries are not included and can be bought separately.

Mount: No
Flashlight: 940nm IR-Illuminator
Laser: No
Lumen: N.a.v.
Battery: HM-3632DC 3,6v or 18650
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Hikmicro IR-Illuminator Pro 940nm + Accessories

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