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Slug Power Kit FX Panthera/Dynamic/King/DRS


Want to get more out of your FX Panthera/Dynamic/King/DRS? Then this power kit is for you!

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The FX slug power kit for the Panthera/Dynamic/King/DRS compressed air rifles consists of:

  • Tungsten hammer weight
    This hammer weight is heavier than the standard hammer weight.
  • Pin probe (.22) with O-rings and two adapter bushes (.25 and .30)
    This probe increases the airflow. The adapter bushes make it suitable for calibers 5.5mm, 6.35mm and 7.62mm.

This slug power kit from FX is suitable for the Panthera, Dynamic, King and DRS compressed air rifles.

This kit helps to shoot slugs with higher velocities.
If you want to shoot slugs with a higher speed or if you want to shoot heavier slugs, you will have to increase the regulator pressure.
It is important that the valve is kept open longer, so that more air pressure can pass through.
The heavy hammer weight helps with this.

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