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FX Panthera PCP competition rifle


FX has once again pushed the boundaries of innovation with the Panthera.

The FX Panthera is a powerful and highly adjustable air rifle specially designed to compete with .22LR firearms... and win!

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The FX Panthera is completely different from previous FX compressed air rifles. This powerful air rifle is purpose-built for precision competition.

With the Panthera, the Swedish FX Airguns has once again pushed the technological boundaries of PCP rifles.


Dynamic Block

The technology starts in the new Dynamic Block. This new housing is specially designed for high performance slug shooting.
Inside this block is the High-Power / Short-Impulse Valve. This valve is designed to deliver very high airflow while maintaining efficiency.

The Dynamic Block has a larger breech than usual. This allows special Side Shot mega magazines that have a larger, deeper lid for longer ammunition up to 13mm.
With our Panthera magazine lid, you can upgrade the normale Side Shot Mega magazines to fit the FX Panthera.

Loading is done with a smooth sidelever that can be converted to the left side.


Dynamic Plenum

The Panthera's plenum (regulated air chamber used for the shot) is a completely new design and the first of its kind.
This over-the-barrel plenum is placed around the barrel adding stiffness and adjust ability at a whole new level.

This plenum can be adjusted in volume from a Micro, Marco, to Magnum XL plenum up to 156cc!

The Panthera comes standard with:

Model Plenum
Panthera 500 Macro 62cc
Panthera 600 Magnum XL 156cc
Panthera 700 Magnum XL 156cc


Competition Chassis Stock

The Panthera is placed in a chassis stock designed for competition.
This stock is fitted with a 375mm Arca Swiss rails with M-LOK slots and a barricade block near the bolt housing.

The stock is equipped with a zero-angle grip that is becoming increasingly popular among competition shooters.
This can optionally be transferred to any other AR-15 grip.

To fully fit this stock to the shooter it is fully adjustable.
The stock is also fully ambidextrous and well suited for both left and right handed shooters.


Adjustability & Modularity

As we are used to from FX, the Panthera is of course also very adjustable.
This compressed air rifle is equipped with the adjustable AMP 2 adjustable regulator and has a micro & macro adjustment for the hammer spring.

This allows the power to be adjusted to optimize the Panthera for the purpose and ammunition the shooter has in mind.

This rifle is also equipped with the STX Superior barrel system.
This barrel/liner system gives the shooter the option to adapt his barrel to other calibers or liners (lands & grooves).
The lands and grooves (rifling) of these barrels are pressed externally into the liner, giving this barrel the smoothest possible surface for optimum speeds and efficiency.

Factory specifications:

Model Panthera 500 Panthera 600 Panthera 700
  • 5,5 (.22) up to 95 Joule
  • 6,35 (.25) up to 108 Joule
  • 7,62 (.30) up to 149 Joule
  • 5,5 (.22) up to 111 Joule
  • 6,35 (.25) up to 123 Joule
  • 7,62 (.30) up to 176 Joule
  • 5,5 (.22) up to 130 Joule
  • 6,35 (.25) up to 145 Joule
  • 7,62 (.30) up to 203 Joule


Power source: Pre compressed pneumatic (PCP)
Caliber: 5.5mm (.22) | 6.35 (.25) | 7.62 (.30)
Muzzle energy: See description
Fill pressure: 250 bar
Air capacity: 300cc + plenum
Regulator: AMP 2 adjustable
Operating system: Sidelever
Magazine: 18 | 16 | 13 shots
Max. projectile length: 13mm
Optic mounting: 22mm Picatinny/Weaver rail with 6MIL/20MOA cant
Weight: 500: 3.5 kg | 600: 3.7 kg | 700: 3.9 kg
Length: 500: 965mm | 600: 1118 mm | 700: 1245mm
Barrel length: 500: 500mm | 600: 600mm | 700: 700mm
Accessories: Case, fill-adapter, magazine
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