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Daystate Delta Wolf HP | 7.62mm (.30)


The high-quality Daystate has taken the concept of the compressed air rifle to a completely different level with the Delta Wolf.

This "smart rifle" combines the possibilities of a self-thinking digital heart with the fantastic finish of this British b

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Quality & finish

The Daystate Delta Wolf is a composition of high quality components and manufacturing quality.
This PCP rifle uses a German Lothar Walther barrel and the regulator is made by the well-known Dutch company Huma-Air.
This regulator uses a large plenum for optimal use of 480cc carbon bottle.


Self-thinking, digital rifle

What makes the Daystate Delta Wolf special is the digital heart of the rifle. The Advanced Velocity Technology (AVT) system that can be controlled via a touch screen.

This rifle has, unlike almost every other compressed air rifle, no hammer to hit and open the valve.
The Delta Wolf does not have a mechanical trigger, but an electronic trigger system where the valve is operated by a solenoid.
This is not even that unique and has been done before. But where the Delta Wolf takes the full potential of this is by combining it with a built-in chronometer and a touchscreen for adjusting the rifle's power.

Where you can adjust the hammer spring, transfer port, etc. with a normal PCP air rifle to adjust the force (and therefore the speed of your projectile), with the Delta Wolf the only thing you have to do (after setting variables such as caliber, barrel length and weight of your projectile) is to enter the desired speed and then the rifle will automatically adjust itself to the correct power.
As a result, you only have to find out what the optimal speed is for your ammunition.

Because the cocking lever does not have to tension a hammer spring and only push the pellet into the barrel, it is exceptionally smooth.
The cocking lever can also be moved to the left side, making this rifle ideal for both right and left-handed shooters.

Other interesting features of the AVT system are the different light/night modes for the screen, counting shots where the rifle wont shoot when the magazine is empty (which can take a while because you can use two magazines at the same time), adjustable timeout timer, and more.
The Daystate Delta Wolf also has a Bluetooth system to connect to other devices in case of future updates.
This system works on a battery. This can simply be charged with a USB-C connection.


Changeable kaliber and regulator pressure

Like many modern compressed air rifles, it is possible to change the caliber of the Daystate Delta Wolf by means of a barrel kit.
These barrels also contain a chronometer and come in different lengths.

The regulator (which is also made by the Dutch Huma-Air) is set by default to the optimum pressure for the caliber in which you buy the Delta Wolf, but can be adjusted manually after changing the caliber.
This is also very simple: After changing, you enter the weight and caliber on the touchscreen and the rifle will automatically adjust its internal settings and give a suggestion for a regulator pressure.


Mounting a scope on the Delta Wolf

The picatinny/weaver rails are mounted on dovetail rails, making the mounting rails 150mm adjustable in position.
This allows the rails to be moved far back to allow the use of zero eye-relief rifle scopes (e.g. the MTC SWAT 12x50).

There are 22mm picatinny rails on the sides and bottom for mounting accessories such as lights, lasers or mounts.

Power source: Pre compressed pneumatic (PCP)
Caliber: 7.62mm (.30)
Muzzle energy: 128 joules (adjustable)
Fill pressure: 240 bar
Air capacity: 480cc
Regulator: Yes
Operating system: Sidelever
Magazine: 8 shots
Max. projectile length:
Optic mounting: 22mm Picatinny/Weaver
Weight: 3550 gram
Length: 842mm
Barrel length: 600mm
Muzzle: 1/2unf
Accessories: Case, Filling adapter, Magazine, O-rings, Tools, USB charger, USB cable
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