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Tool for DonnyFL Moderators

With this compact tool you can easily (dis)assemble DonnyFL moderators.
This can be used for maintenance or to tighten the moderator assembly to improve precision.

See the suitable variant for your damper in the table below.

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With this tool you can disassemble donnyFL moderators without causing damage.
This product consists of two parts.
In addition to disassembling for maintenance, it is essential to the precision of the weapon to ensure that the silencer is assembled properly and tightly.
Should vibrations arise during firing, the damper can have undesirable results on the shot image.
By tightening everything with this, you remove this probability.

Because of this, tightening your moderator is essential for precision.
Both with new and old moderators.


What tool do you need:

30mm: Tanto, Koi
40mm: Tatsu, Sumo, Shogun
50mm: Ronin, Emperor, Great Kami (The Kami only uses the rear tool)


Designed and produced in our shop in the Netherlands

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