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Mount HikMicro IR Illuminator Pro


With this quick-release mounting you can mount the Hikmicro Pro IR lamp in no time.

Suitable for rifle scopes with a 30m tube size.

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This HikMicro IR Illuminator Pro mount ensures that you can easily attach the IR illuminator to a rifle scope with a tube diameter of 30mm. Thanks to a rubber interior, it does not damage the rifle scope.

The IR illuminator itself can be mounted in the mounting ring on the side of the mount.
There are two pieces of rubber on the inside of the mounting ring, which ensure that the HikMicro IR illuminator stays in place. The clamp for the IR illuminator is equipped with a QR system, making it easy to remove.

Thanks to the internal ring, the light can be aligned with the image of the rifle scope.
After the screws are tightened, it is firmly fixed.

Top-side mount: Hikmicro IR-Illuminator Pro
Under-side mount: 30mm tube
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