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Hikmicro Raptor RH50L Thermal & Night vision LRF Binocular


The Raptor RH50L is a powerful thermal imaging and night vision binocular from Hikmicro.

In addition to the sensitive multi-specrum sensors, the Raptor also has a built-in laser rangefinder that is accurate up to 1km!

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The Raptor RH50L is a powerful thermal imaging and night vision binocular from Hikmicro.
These digital binoculars are packed with features that make the Raptor indispensable for hunting, S&R, security, observation, etc.

Thanks to its innovative features, the Raptor is extremely versatile and provides the sharpest possible image quality.



The RH50L has a wide range of tools. These tools allow you to obtain multiple forms of information without switching equipment.

    • Thermal Imaging:
      The Raptor uses a powerful thermal image sensor that has a detection range of 2600 meters!

      This sensor has an extremely high sensitivity with a NETD value of less than 20mK (lower = better contrast).
      In combination with the 384x288 resolution and 12µm sensor, the Raptor RH50L provides a clear and sharp image with clear contrast.

    • Day & Night vision:
      Have you spotted your target, but you want more detail of the surroundings that is not visible in the thermal imaging spectrum?
      Quickly switch to the night vision sensor and turn night into day!
      This sensitive 2560x1440(!) camera works on residue light and can be supported with the built-in the 850nm infrared light.
      During the day, this sensor works like a normal camera and you see everything in colour.

    • Laser range finder (LRF):
      Estimating distance in the dark is difficult enough.
      At the push of a button you can immediately measure the distance to your target.
      This precise laser is accurate up to 1000 meters!

    • Photo & Video:
      The Raptor RH50L also has the ability to take photos and videos.
      This makes it easy to track and share your observations.
      You can easily view these images in the Raptor itself or you can easily transfer them to your smartphone or tablet with the Hikmicro app.


Image Quality

The Hikmicro RH50L not only uses sensitive sensors, but also innovative algorithms that make the image digitally clearer and sharper.

Thanks to the Image Pro and the Zoom Pro system, the pixels created by zooming in are enhanced into a crisp image that is easier and clearer to see.
Due to the high magnification level of at least 5.7x, which can be increased 16x digitally, this is an extremely important feature for a good image.


In practise

The Raptor is also equipped with a number of useful features that make these binoculars a little easier to use.
The great thing about the Raptor is that these features don't get in the way when you're not using them.
Below are a few features highlighted:

    • Auto-off Display: The Raptor's display automatically turns off when you are not looking through it.
      This significantly reduces power consumption and ensures that the light from the screen is not visible to others.

    • Smart IR: When you use the night vision mode, the Raptor can adjust the brightness of the built-in 850nm IR lamp for the optimal image and most efficient power consumption.

    • Battery pack: The Raptor uses a battery pack consisting of 3x 18650 batteries.
      This allows the Raptor to work continuously for up to 8 hours. Isn't that long enough? The Raptor comes with 6 of these rechargeable batteries, so you can change them in seconds!

    • 1/4-20 UNC Threaded Mount: The 1/4UNC thread on the bottom of the optic allows you to mount the Raptor RH50L on the camera tripod and stream the image to your tablet or smartphone.


In short, the Raptor RH50L is an extremely powerful tool for the hunter, security, S&R.
The Raptor leaves little to be desired in terms of observation and detection.

Questions about this device or this form of optics? Please feel free to contact us or visit our showroom to take a look.

Sensor/lens: Thermal: 12 μm VOx UFP Arrays 384×288 | Optic: 2560 × 1440 CMOS
Refresh rate: 25Hz
NETD value (mk): <20mK
FOV: Thermal: 9.3m × 7.0m | Optic: 24.4m × 13.6m @ 100m
Magnification: Thermal: 5.7×-91.2× (16×) | Optic: 2.9×-46.4×(16×)
Focus: Ocular adjustable. Lens auto-focus
Detection range: Thermal: 2600m | Optic: IR light has a reach of 400m & observation goes further
Color modes: Thermal: White Hot, Black Hot, Red Hot, Fusion | Optic: Day, Night, Auto, Defog Image Fusion
Size: 217.5×155.0×87.5mm
Weight: 980 grams without battery
Memory: 64GB
Waterproof: IP67
Accessories: Hard case, 6x 18650 battery, charger, lanyard, manual
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