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FX True Ballistic Chronograph CE


Discover the compact all-in-one chronograph to find out everything you want to know about the ballistics of your weapon.
No external accessories or connections required!

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The FX True Ballistic Chronograph is the latest evolution in ballistic measuring development.
This easy-to-carry chronograph is equipped to find out everything you want to know about the ballistics of your airgun (or firearm).

The FX TBC is very easy to use. The chronometer is positioned next to the weapon, aimed at the target, and follows the projectile with its radar beam.
With a range of 400 to 4000 fps (122 to 1220 m/s), the chronometer is well suited for the lighter power classes, up to the most powerful PCP air rifles.

The FX True Ballistic Chronograph indicates projectile velocity at multiple input ranges up to 275 meters.
This allows the energy at the moment of impact to be measured with absolute certainty.


• No External Recoil Trigger Required

• No Extrenal Battery Pack Needed

• USB-C Recharable Internal Battery

• Small & Portable at 1.8lbs, 7.4” x 9.6”

• Radar Tech Works in Rain or Shine

• Large LCD Display Screen

• Optional Bluetooth Phone App

• Measures from 400 – 4,000+ fps

• Determine Actual Ballistic Coefficient

• Shows STD Deviation and Spread

• Indicates Subsonic Yardage

• Accurate Data Avoids Costly Misses

• Select G1/G7 Drag Models

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