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FX DRS Classic Walnut Grade 2 500


The FX DRS is a powerful air rifle with a smart design.
Thanks to the over-the-barrel air reservoir, the DRS handles and feels like a classic firearm.

This version has a 500mm barrel and is fitted into a beautiful grade 2 walnut stock.

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Article number: DRS 500 Walnut G2 .22
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The FX DRS is exactly what it looks like: A minimalist design with the maximal potential!
Thanks to the clever placement of the air supply and the plenum, the DRS handles like a classic firearm!

The DRS is a powerful PCP air rifle suited for both pellets and slugs that does not have too many bells and whistles, but can still be adjusted and expanded to its maximum potential.
This makes this air rifle a great choice for both:
-The experienced PCP shooter who wants to get the most out of a rifle,
-The novice hobbyist who is looking for a good quality rifle,
-The pest shooter who needs a light, agile rifle without too many knobs and buttons.


Reservoir & Plenum

Of course impossible not to mention: the placement of the air reservoir.
This is actually around the barrel!
Because of this the DRS does not have a bottle attached to the system, the result: completely different external characteristics than the average PCP air rifle.
In addition to the sleek design, this also has a functional aspect. This pressure tube also keeps the barrel under tension for a consistent shot pattern.

This 500 version has a 208cc reservoir.

The placement of the plenum has also been carefully considered.
This is the air supply/pre-chamber after the regulator that the rifle uses for the shot.
This High Power Plenum is located under the main block and has the appearance of a firearm's magazine.
This plenum is available in multiple sizes (HP and SHP), optimized for the barrel's length.
On the DRS 500 .22 and DRS 600, you will find the HP plenum. The DRS 500 .25 is fitted with the larger SHP plenum.



The DRS is a regulated rifle. This means that the regulator consistently fills the plenum to a desired pressure.
Because the plenum contains the same pressure for every shot, the DRS has exactly the same power for every shot. Resulting in high accuracy!
This regulator pressure is adjustable for different power ranges.


Superior STX Barrel

The DRS squeezes its power into the STX Superior barrel system.
This barrel system uses the well-known FX liner system that consists of interchangeable barrels and liners.
The standard liner is optimized for pellets and light slugs and can be replaced with a Heavy/Slug liner with a different pitch and choke.

The DRS 500 has an STX superior barrel with a length of 500mm.
There is a 1/2x20 UNF thread on the end of the barrel for an optional silencer.


Classic Walnut Grade 2 stock

The FX DRS Classic Walnut Grade 2 is fitted into a beautiful grade 2 walnut stock
This stock is made by the renowned Italian Minelli. These rifle stocks are known for excellent ergonomics and a high-quality finish.

The grade 2 walnut stock is a cherry on top of a great rifle and gives the it a classic, stylish look.



The DRS comes in an average state of adjustment, making it universally usable for most purposes.
If this tune is not optimal for your purpose (too powerful, not powerful enough, etc.), the DRS is highly adjustable!

Both the hammer spring and the regulator pressure are adjustable. This allows the power to be optimally adjusted.
If you want to experiment with even higher power than the DRS allows, try the DRS Slug Power Kit!
The match trigger of this rifle is also highly adjustable.

With these adjustments the DRS can be perfectly optimized for every shooter's wishes!


Rails & Magazines

On top of the DRS is an 11mm dovetail rail and optional 22mm picatinny rails are available.
This means that any rifle scope with your preferred mounting rings can be fitted onto the rifle.

The DRS comes standard with the new Mini magazine. This is a smaller version of the Side Shot Mega magazine.
Despite the name, this magazine still has a large capacity of 14 (.22) and 12 (.25) rounds!

If you want, you can also use the larger Side Shot Mega magazines.
To do this you need to remove the picatinny rails. This allows the larger magazines to fit.
Of course, you must use the 11mm dovetail mounting to mount your riflescope.


Our opinion the FX DRS

The DRS is a beautiful rifle that will serve a wide range of shooters.
Out of the box, the DRS Classic is an easy to use rifle. And if you wish to, it is still very adjustable!
We are sure that the DRS, in any version, will bring a lot of shooting pleasure to many shooters.


Power source: Pre compressed pneumatic (PCP)
Caliber: 5.5mm (.22) | 6.35 (.25)
Muzzle energy: 52 | 101 joule
Fill pressure: 230 bar
Air capacity: 208cc
Regulator: Yes, adjustable
Operating system: Side lever
Magazine: 14 | 12 shots
Max. projectile length: 11mm
Optic mounting: 11mm dovetail
Weight: 2200
Length: 927mm
Barrel length: 500mm
Muzzle: Threaded 1/2x20 UNF
Accessories: Fill probe, magazine
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