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Day/Nightvision scope Pard DS35-50 LRF 940nm


The PARD DS35 is a beautiful all-in-one scope that can be used both during the day and at night!

This rifle scope is equipped with a laser rangefinder (LRF) and a 940nm infrared lamp.

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Article number: DS35-50RF (MET LRF)
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After a long wait, we finally have the DS35 in stock!
Despite its light weight, this digital rifle scope from the well-known night vision brand PARD is packed with interesting features!

This is the variant with the 50mm lens and a magnification of 4x to 8x.
The rifle scope uses a rechargeable 18650 battery that can be easily replaced.

Also available without the Rangfinder: PARD DS35-50R.


Night vision

The two most important features of the DS35 are of course the possibility of night vision and the built-in laser rangefinder.
The DS35 achieves the first, just like other digital night vision goggles with an infrared lamp.
This light has a wavelength of 940nm. This is a desirable wavelength for pest control and hunting at shorter distances (up to 250m in good weather) because this light is absolutely invisible (unlike 850nm which can still create a red glow).

The light has 3 positions so that the viewer can optimally illuminate the target at any distance.

Very interesting is the focus-free lens cover! This flip-up lens cover has a closable hole that uses the pinhole theory.
You can leave the lens hood closed during the day and open this hole. As a result, the lens will not be overexposed and will not have to refocus at distance.


LRF rangefinder & Ballistic calculator

The laser rangefinder is mounted next to the IR illuminator and (when enabled) indicates the distance to the target in real time.
This laser has a range of 5 to 1000 meters.

Once the parameters have been filled in, the ballistics calculator be implemented as well.
With this, the DS35 calculates the bullet trajectory to the target and corrects its zero point accordingly. This makes the DS35 a much more complete rifle scope for the money compared to the competition.


Screen & Menu

A very striking feature of this rifle scope is the round LTPS 800x800 screen. Thanks to this screen and the 2560×1440 (2K) CMOS sensor, it feels very natural to look through the DS35.
The menu is also easy to operate on this screen thanks to the rotary knob and simple clear design.

In this screen you also control the internal menu. this menu has a simple design without too many bells & whistles.

In addition to contrast and brightness, the image also has an adjustable color palette for every situation:

  • Color (daytime only)
  • Black and white
  • Yellow
  • Green


Profiles, Reticles & zeroing

On the DS35 you can use 5 different profiles (A to E). you can set each profile differently for different purposes.
For example, you can create a profile for other weapons, and then exchange the scope. But you can also create a profile for other types of ammunition in the same weapon.

In each profile you can enter the desired parameters of your ballistics and adjust your reticle.
You have 6 reticles from the simple cross to a real Christmas tree of options. So there is always a suitable one!
The color of the cross can also be changed to white, red, green, and red.

Zeroing the DS35 is also a simple and well-designed process. Like many digital rifle scopes, this scope can be zeroed in one shot.
As soon as you have fired a shot, you can indicate in the menu where the bullet hit. After this, the reticle corrects itself to the point of impact.

Unlike many digital rifle scopes, the DS35 uses image-shift zeroing.
This shifts the image instead of the reticle. As a result, the crosshair always remains in the center of the screen (very nice).


The DS35 comes with 22mm picatinny/weaver mounting rings. But if you want to use others, other 30mm mounts will also fit fine.

Sensor: 2560×1440 (2K) CMOS
Resolution: 800×800 cirkelvormig LTPS-scherm
Magnification: 4x & 8x
Refresh rate: 30fps nightvision, 60fps day mode
Wavelength: 940nm
FOV: n.a.v.
Focus: Ocular & objective lens adjustable
Sizes: 350 x 88 x 95mm
Weight: 765 grams
Waterproof: IP67
Other features: Laser rangefinder
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