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Alpex A50EL | LRF Ballistic Day/Night scope


The Hikmicro Alpex night vision rifle scopes offer excellent night vision capabilities in a classic looking package.

This new edition of the Alpex is fitted with a better sensor and a laser rangefinder!

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Article number: A50EL (LRF)
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The Hikmicro Alpex A50EL night vision rifle scopes are made to provide effective night vision capabilities without disrupting the classic look of a traditional scope.
This digital scope is equipped with very interesting features that have clearly been well thought out.

This new edition of the Alpex is fitted with a better sensor and a laser rangefinder!


LRF & Ballic calculator

The laser rangefinder (LRF) sits on top of the scope and measures the distance to your target.
This measurement is accurate up to 1000m at +- 1 meter!

The Alpex then uses this measurement to calculate the bullet trajectory (with your entered data).
The scope then gives a suggestion on the crosshair where you should aim.

This property makes the Alpex extremely suitable for shooting with rifles that shoot with a curved trajectory.


Day & Night

The Alpex A50EL is a night vision scope that can also be used during the day.
During the day the Alpex gives a clear color image and in the twilight/night you can switch to night mode.
When it is really dark, the night vision mode can be supported with an infrared light.
These  IR lights are sold separately since different uses prefer different lights.
For example, for hunting rats, boar or deer, we recommend the 940nm Hikmicro pro.
Paired with the Hikmicro QD mount, this is a great night hunting combo!

A thing to note: the batteries of the 940nm Hikmicro pro are the same that fit the included charger of the Alpex A50L.
So no need to get an extra charger!


Adjustable Magnification

The Alpex has an optical magnification of 3.5x.
Thanks to the 4K sensor, the scope can zoom in digitally up to 28 times while maintaining an acceptable image quality.


One Shot Zero (Freeze & Zoom)

Zeroing this rifle scope is surprisingly simple.
The one-shot zero system has already been applied to many digital rifle scopes, but the Hikmicro Alpex goes just a step further with the Freeze & Zoom feature.
With this system you simply shoot at a shooting card and freeze the image.
Then use the buttons to adjust the cross to the meeting point.
Save the adjustment, and your next shot will hit the bull's eye!


Up to 11 hours Battery life

You need to have a very long shooting session to use up this battery.
The Alpex A50EL uses an 18650 rechargeable battery that allows the Alpex to be on continuously for up to 11 hours.

But if you have a very long day with the scope, fear not. Because the Alpex comes with 2 of these batteries!
This way you always have power at hand.


Image and sensor

The most important is of course the visual quality of the Alpex.
The Alpex has a surprisingly good image both during the day and at night thanks to the internal image enhancement software that removes purple fringes and even estimates the density of fog to clear the fog veil during foggy conditions.
Thanks to the 50mm objective that projects onto a 3840 ×2160 sensor in combination with the OLED display, the viewer provides a high-contrast image with many details.
The Alpex has a field of view of 8.8° ×5.0°/15.3m × 8.6m @100m.
The Alpex A50EL 940 nm IR night vision scope has an internal memory of 64 MB to store images, but HikMicro also offers an app to stream, download and send images.

In short 

Hikmicro has made a very nice night vision scope where it is clear that the small details have really been taken care of.
If you find this viewer interesting, but you are not sure whether this is the right one?  Please feel free to contact us or visit our store (NL) to take a look through it!
Other features: 

  • Picture in picture (PIP)
    With the PIP system you can turn on a small extra screen in the viewer with a zoomed image of the reticle.
    This allows you to take a detailed shot, without zooming in and reducing the FOV. 
  • Built-in rangefinder
    With a simple push of a button, the Alpex calculates the distance to your goal. This measurement is accurate up to 1000 meters at +-1 meter.
  • Ballistic calculator
    Once the distance has been measured, the Alpex A50EL (with the data you entered) calculates the bullet trajectory according to your data.
    This makes the Alpex itself the right tool to work ethically.
  • IP67 Waterproof
  • Crosshair styles
    The reticle of the Alpex A50EL is customizable in colors and styles in different groups.
Sensor: 50mm objective 3840 ×2160
Resolution: 1920 × 1080, 0.49 inch, OLED
Magnification: 3.5x optical + 7x & 14x digitial
Refresh rate: 50Hz
Wavelength: Light sold separately
FOV: 8.8° ×5.0°/15.3m × 8.6m @100m
Focus: Adjustable objective and ocular
Sizes: 440mm long
Weight: 1176 grams
Storage: 64GB internal
Waterproof: IP67 waterproof
Other features: Ballistic rangefinder
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