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Western Rattler Full-/Semi Automatic PCP Rifle

The Rattler is an automatic big bore rifle purpose built for hunting as well as long range shooting.

Now with a carbon fiber shroud, as on the third picture!

The 7.62mm (.30) caliber variant offers semi- and full-auto.
The 9mm (.357) is semi-auto o

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Looking for a high quality semi- or even fully-automatic big bore PCP rifle?
Do you want this rifle to be highly adjustable and customizable?
Want to top that off with a power potential over 350 joules of energy?

Then the Rattler by Western Airguns is tailored just for you!

Made with the highest quality components and engineered to withstand the taxing demands required to wield the power of this rifle, the Rattler can stand up to the toughest shooting conditions.
The long list of features include a large 580cc air cylinder, an adjustable regulator, and a hammerless firing system uniquely configured for incredible shot-to-shot consistency.


Semi- and Full-auto

The Rattles offers semiautomatic fire in 9mm and both semi- and full-auto in 7.62mm.
This means that this rifle fires as fast as you can pull the trigger, without needing to re-cock the rifle in between shots.

This allows the shooter to clean a speed-target in no-time or to fire a quick follow-up shot when necessary.


Power and precision

Reaching maximum power of over 230 (7.62mm) and 350 joules (9mm), the Rattler is comfortable shooting heaviest pellets and slugs down range.
The Rattler is equipped with a hammer-forged nitrate coated TJ barrel that provides unmatched accuracy, producing sub-MOA groups at 100 yards (with the right tune).
This barrel feeds from the fixed titanium 15 or 17 shot magazine (depending on caliber) that has a depth or 21mm. Allowing some of the longest ammunition available!

The barrel is shrouded with in internal sound moderator. This reduces the sounds to make the rifle hearing-safe or to be more effective for pest-control and hunting.
Optionally an threaded adaptor can be mounted for other supressors.

The Rattler is very adjustable. Allowing the user to change the regulator pressure, and the velocity adjustment wheel allows the rifle to offer a wide range of power.



On top of the rifle is the 22mm picatinny/weaver rail for mounting your favourite optics.
The sides and bottom of the rifle also have plenty of rail for mounting accessoires like bipods, lasers, lights, and more!

The pistol grip uses a standard AR-15 connection. This allows the user to change the grip that he/she preffers.

This all allows you to configure the rifle your needs and situation.


The Rattler

The Rattler by Western Airguns offers some of the most advanced airgun technology.
This rifle is made for both competition and hunting, resulting in a strongly built rifle that is up for any task.

Long range shooting, hunting and pest control or just plain plinking fun, the Rattler can do it!


Power source: Pre compressed pneumatic (PCP)
Caliber: 7.62mm | 9mm
Muzzle energy: Max joule 7.62mm (.30) = 237 | 9mm (.357) = 360
Fill pressure: 250 bar
Air capacity: 580cc
Regulator: Yes, adjustable
Operating system: Semi (9mm) | Semi & Full (7.62)
Magazine: (7.62mm) 17 | (9mm) 15
Max. projectile length: 21mm
Optic mounting: 22mm picatinny/weaver
Weight: 4.17kg
Length: 1010mm
Barrel length: 710mm
Muzzle: Internal moderator. Threaded adaptors available
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