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UX Gauntlet 2 SL30 | .30 caliber PCP Rifle


The newest edition of the Gauntlet 2!
This highly upgraded rifle now sports a smooth sidelever and spits .30 caliber ammunition at a whopping 135 joules with high precision!

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Article number: Gauntlet2 SL30
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The Gauntlet is a compressed air rifle that is certainly not inferior in power or quality for its price range!
This latest version of the Gauntlet 2 comes with a number of interesting upgrades.


Side Lever

The SL stands for Side lever. This replaces the previous "bolt action" system of the Gauntlet 2.
This is a great upgrade over the old system as it is significantly smoother and easier to use.
Pull the lever back, push it forward again and you're ready for your next shot.


Dirty Thirty

The Gauntlet 2 SL 30 is certainly not inferior in power.
This rifle has a power of no less than 135 joules in its large caliber of 7.62mm (.30")!

The rifle has a built-in regulator with a pressure of 193 bar and a maximum filling pressure of 300/310 bar.
As long as the air supply is higher in pressure than the regulator pressure, the power for every shot is exactly the same, resulting in high accuracy!

This one definitely packs a punch, but with a loud bang! Fortunately, the Gauntlet 2 SL is now also equipped with a thread for a silencer!


The Gauntlet 2 SL30 in practise

With a weight of 3.1kg and a total length of 120cm, the Gauntlet 2 SL has average agility for a rifle of its type.

Shooting and loading goes smoothly thanks to the side lever and 2 supplied magazines (7 shots).
The Gauntlet also comes with a single shot tray for manually loading single shots or longer ammunition than the magazines allow.

Filling the Gauntlet 2 SL is easy. This is done via a foster coupling on the side of the rifle.
Please note that the female foster connection is not included. This can be bought separately if you don't have this on your fill source: Foster Female connector.
Due to the high filling pressure and volume of 400cc, a hand pump is not recommended and is recommended with a bottle or compressor.

Thanks to the M-LOK slots on the side and bottom of the butt, the rifle is easily expandable with accessories such as lamps, laser or bipods.

On top of the Gauntlet there are 22mm picatinny rails for mounting a suitable rifle scope.


Our opinion on the Gauntlet 2 SL30

Are you looking for a powerful compressed air rifle for a nice price that is not inferior in quality or use?
Then the Gauntlet 2 SL30 is a very interesting option!

There are some compromises to keep the price down (the stock is rather simple), but the overall quality is great!

Power source: Pre compressed pneumatic (PCP)
Caliber: 7.62mm (.30)
Muzzle energy: 135 joule
Fill pressure: 300 bar
Air capacity: 400cc
Regulator: Yes, 195 BAR
Operating system: Side lever
Magazine: 7 shots (2 included)
Max. projectile length:
Optic mounting: 22mm picatinny/weaver
Weight: 3.1kg
Length: 120cm
Barrel length: 717mm
Muzzle: Threaded 1/2x20 UNF
Accessories: 2 magazines, single shot tray
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