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RAM PCP Compressor


Don't feel like pumping? But you also don't want to rely on an air cylinder?
With the compact air-compressor from RAM Tactical you can fill your rifle in a breeze!

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Not only is this compact compressor powerful, but also easy to use!
Thanks to it's air-cooled fan-system, you don't need to hassle with oil or water cooling.

Thanks to the moisture filter inside the quick-connect tube, you can prevent moisture from entering the airgun.

With a max. fill-volume of 0.45cl at 300 bar, you can set the preffered pressure via a dial.
Then after turning it on, the machine will stop on it own when the required pressure is reached.

This compressor works on both a 220v connection, as a 12v car battery.
The required cables for this are included.

The compressor comes with:

  • Cable 220V
  • Cable with clamps for 12V car battery
  • Fill tube with moisture filter and 2 female Foster quick-connections
  • Bag with extra moisture filters, O-rings and extra fuses
  • User manual
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