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RAM PCP Compressor Water & Oil filter


Don't feel like pumping? But you also don't want to rely on an air cylinder?
With the compact air-compressor from RAM Tactical you can fill your rifle in a breeze!

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Article number: Compressor RAM Groot
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This compact compressor is not only powerful, but also easy to use!
The RAM compressor is designed to operate at a pressure of 300 bar (4500 psi).
With a power of 350 watts, this compressor is a perfect choice for filling your PCP air rifle.

Thanks to the high air flow of 12 liters per minute, this compressor has a smooth and reliable performance.
Filling a 500cc tank from 1 to 300 bar takes approximately 13 minutes.

Furthermore, the supplied hose contains a moisture filter.
This prevents the major problem that compressors collect moisture from the air, which can damage your rifle.

In addition, the design features fans, which are carefully integrated to keep the device at an optimal temperature. Even when used in temperatures up to 80 degrees Celsius, the built-in auto shut-off function, which is activated every 30 minutes, ensures that the compressor continues to operate within safe limits and has time to cool down.

This compressor works with both a 220/230v connection and a 12v car battery.
The cables for this are also included.


Questions about filling PCP air rifles? Please feel free to contact us for all your questions.


Max pressure: 300 bar
Fill speed: 12L/minuut | 500cc van 1 tot 300 bar in ~13 minuten
Power: 220v / 12v
Hose connection: Foster
Sizes: 34x27x17cm
Weight: 8.5kg
Accessories: Hose, power cable, power clamps, spare parts, filters
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