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Arken Optics Zulus HD 3-12 LRF

With the Arken Zulus HD you can always shoot regardless of the lighting conditions!

The Zulus HD 3-12x not only offers night vision, but is also equipped with a rangefinder and ballistic calculator!
Please note: Battery available separately.

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Article number: Zulus3-12x
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The Zulus HD 3-12x from Arken Optics is finally on the Dutch market after a long wait!
This ultra compact night vision scope is equipped with a wide range of features that both pest control shooters and hunters will appreciate.

Please note: the required 18650 battery is available separately.


Night Vision

Starting with the most important, the Zulus HD is suitable for both daytime use (with color) and night use (gray image) thanks to its Sony Starvis 2 CMOS sensor.

Through a combination of this powerful sensor and high-quality ED (Extra-low Dispersion) glass, the image quality for its HD 1920x1080 resolution is simply excellent.

At low light values, the Starvis 2 sensor is already sensitive enough to create an image. But if it is really too dark, the Zulus HD has a built-in 850nm infrared light.
This lamp can easily be exchanged with the separately available 940nm light thanks to the simple screw-in mount.


LRF & Ballistic Calculator

What really makes the Zulus HD LRF interesting, is the built-in laser rangefinder (LRF) with a range of up to 1000 meters!

Optionally, the Zulus HD can communicate with your phone thanks to the Arken optics App. With this the shooter can enter the data of his bullet (weight, velocity, BC).
This allows the app to calculate your bullet's trajectory and automatically indicate a correction in the rifle scope.

The Zulus can indicate this calculated bullet trajectory by moving the entire reticle or by means of an additional cross at the predicted point of impact.


Image & Magnification

As mentioned earlier, the Zulus HD has a sensor resolution of 1920x1080. Although this is lower than digital rifle scopes from a higher price segment, the Zulus HD has a clear and sharp image.

The magnification can be adjusted with a wheel on top of the rifle scope and has an adjustment range of 3x to 12x.
The Zulus is also available as a 5-20x variant. The 5-20x has a higher magnification, but a smaller field of view.


Mounting and using the Zulus HD

The Zulus HD comes with a sturdy 22mm picatinny/weaver mount.

On top of the Zulus are several buttons that allow you to use the optic's features and navigate its menu.

On the rear of the range finding module, there is a large button that controls the laser rangefinder.
Upon starting the rangefinder, a bracket will appear in the screen. The target needs to be inside this bracket and it indicates the position of the invisible laser.


Video & Storage

Like almost any other digital riflescope, the Zulus HD can also make videos.

To store these, the Zulus has a compartment for a TF-memory card with a capacity of 32GB to 128GB (not included).


Our opinion on de Zulus HD 3-12x

The Zulus HD has been on the international market for a while and had already proven itself before we received it.

And after using it ourselves, we are all of the opinion that it exceeds its price range and will be a pleasure to use for many shooters.


Sensor: Sony Starvis 2 CMOS
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Magnification: 3-12x
Refresh rate: 60Hz (Lower refresh at night mode)
FOV: N.a.v.
Sizes: 201×79×53mm
Weight: 584 grams
Storage: Slot for TF-card
Waterproof: IP67
Other features: LRF & Ballistic calculator
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