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Lifesaver Wayfarer Waterfilter


The LifeSaver Wayfarer is the ultimate water filter/purifier that makes polluted, contaminated water safe to drink!

Filters bacteria, cysts, viruses, chemicals and heavy metals!

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The Wayfarer water filter pump is easy to travel with and can take a beating thanks to its compact and robust design.
This water purifier is designed as an ideal option for the hiker, backpacker, prepper and bushcrafter.

Unlike the majority of water filters on the market that only catch bacteria and cysts, the Wayfarer also filters viruses. And thanks to the included carbon filter, the Wayfarer can even capture chemicals and heavy metals.
This makes the Wayfarer one of the only water filters that meets the NSF/ANSI P231 standards for truly safe drinking water.

With the average pump speed, the Wayfarer filters 1.4 liters per minute. So you can fill your water bottle in no time and continue hiking for a few more kilometers!
The UF filter cartridge can purify up to 5000 liters. This is considerably more than comparable filter pumps.
When the filter runs out, the flow of water stops and the pump prevents contaminated water from entering your drinks.
After this, you can simply replace the filter with a separately available filter cartridge

The included activated carbon filter removes unpleasant tastes and odors and reduces heavy metals such as lead, nickel and cadmium.
This filter lasts 100 liters and is also easy to replace.


Long story short: are you looking for a compact water filter that is easy to carry, can withstand a beating and is easy to maintain? Then the Lifesaver Wayfarer is the ideal option!


See the LifeSaver Wayfarer in action:


How the Wayfarer is tested and the requirements:

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