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Huben GK1 V3 Semi-automatic PCP pistol


The long awaited Huben GK1 is finally available!
This powerful semi-automatic pistol is not only beautifully finished, but has a well-thought-out design!

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Article number: GK1 .22 INCLUSIEF DEMPER
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The Huben GK1 is a semi-automatic PCP pistol. So for every time you pull the trigger, the GK1 fires a shot.
This makes the GK1 great for fast, dynamic shots!



What is striking about the Huben GK1 is of course the design.
The GK1 has a beautifully finished design and at 1.2 kg it is not a super heavy pistol.
In addition to the standard sights, the GK1 has 11mm rails for optics such as red dots or a pistol scope.

The Huben GK1 comes in a sturdy case.



The Huben GK1 is adjustable in power.
This allows you to make the pistol very efficient and air-saving, or you can open it up so far that the pistol is as powerful as a full-fledged rifle!

Adjusting the power is very easy with a simple adjustment screw.
This gives the GK1 a power range of at least 6 to 55 and 60 joules! (depending on caliber)


Magazine capacity

The Huben GK1 is based on the mechanism of the Huben K1.
With this mechanism the internal magazine has a gigantic capacity for a pistol of 17 shots in 6.35mm and 19 in 5.5mm!

This "revolver" magazine is easy to load via the loading port on the magazine.



The Huben GK1 has an 85cc tube with a filling pressure of up to 300 bar.
This allows the Huben to achieve approximately 30-40 shots at average settings.
This may of course differ with different desired power, ammunition and caliber.

Power source: Pre compressed pneumatic (PCP)
Caliber: 5.5mm (.22) | 6.35 (.25)
Muzzle energy: 6-55 | 6-60 joules
Fill pressure: 300 bar
Air capacity: 85cc
Regulator: No
Operating system: Semi automatic
Magazine: 19 | 17 shots
Max. projectile length: 10.9mm
Optic mounting: 11mm dovetail
Weight: 1.2kg
Length: 325mm
Barrel length: 210mm
Muzzle: Not threaded, adapters available
Accessories: case
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