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Hikmicro Panther 2.0 PH35L Thermal scope LRF


The Panther 2.0 is an excellent thermal imaging riflescope with a clear image that is equipped with a rangefinder and ballistic calculator.

Please note: mount available separately.

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Article number: PH35L
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The Panther 2.0 PH35L is a thermal imaging riflescope with a sturdy and simple design for the ultimate ease of use.


Thermal Image

This riflescope uses a 35mm 384x288 sensor to create a sharp and contrast-rich image.
Thanks to its high sensitivity with a NETD value of <20mK, the Panther PH35L can provide a detailed picture of the target and its surroundings.

The Panther's 1024x768 OLED display is clear and, with a refresh of 50Hz, provides a smooth image when scanning for targets.

The Panther has a base magnification of 3x and can digitally zoom in from 8x to 24x.
Thanks to this low minimum magnification, the Panther has a viewing angle of 7.5×5.7° or 13.1×10m at 100m.


Ballistic calculator & LRF

On top of the Panther is the laser rangefinder (LRF) with which the Panther can measure up to 600m accurately down to the meter.
With your data (bullet speed, weight, BC), the Panther can then predict the bullet trajectory and correct the point of aim.

This makes the Panther 2.0 LRF ideal for working ethically, even when you have a hefty bullet trajectory.


Battery system

The Panther 2.0 uses rechargeable HM-3632 or 18650 batteries. This allows the scope to work for up to 6 hours.
Battery empty? No problem, you get 2 and they are available separately.

You can simply replace it using the cap on top of the viewer.



Mounting the Panther 2.0 on any 22mm picatinny/weaver rail can be done with the mounting bracket sold separately.


Zeroing the Panther

The Panther 2.0 is particularly easy to zero thanks to the freeze function.

You aim for the center of the goal and fire a shot.
Then you freeze the image and correct the cross to the point of impact.
You have now zeroed the scope.


Our opinion on the Panther 2.0 PH35L

In short, the Panther 2.0 PH35L is a nice, sturdy viewer that is easy to use.
Because it has good image quality and makes its surroundings clear, it is ideal for working responsibly.

We have included this scope in our range because, thanks to the ballistic calculator, it is very suitable for working ethically in pest control like hunting rats.

Sensor/lens: 384x288 35mm Uncooled Focal Plane Arrays
Refresh rate: 50Hz
NETD value (mk): <20
FOV: 7.5° × 5.7° / 13.1m × 10.0m @ 100m
Magnification: 3.0 ×- 24.0× (8×)
Focus: Ocular & objective lens adjustable
Detection range: 1800m
Color modes: Black hot, white hot, red hot, fusion
Size: 214.6 mm x 67.0 mm x 87.1 mm
Weight: 518 grams w/out battery
Memory: 16GB internal
Waterproof: IP67
Accessories: 2 batteries, pouch, charger, cloth, USB cable
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