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Hatsan Factor Sniper L Black


Meet the Hatsan Factor Sniper L!
This powerhouse from Hatsan is adjustable in power up to 229 joules(!) and is designed for shooting heavy projectiles at long distances.

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The Hatsan Factor Sniper L is a powerful regulated compressed air rifle from the well-known brand Hatsan.
This powerhouse is clearly designed for shooting heavy projectiles over long distances.


Meet the Hatsan Factor Sniper L

The first thing you notice about this air rifle is its tactical appearance with many adjustment and accessory options.
The ergonomic wooden pistol grip still gives this air rifle a classic vibe!

The highly adjustable stock is hard to miss. This stock is fully adjustable to the shooter's body and posture and even has a height adjustable mono-pod.

On top is Hatsan's double rails. As a result, rifle scopes with both 11mm dovetail and 22mm picatinny/weaver fit on this rifle.
At the bottom is 22mm picatinny for mounting a bipod and on the sides is also picatinny and slots for accessories such as lights, lasers, etc.



The power of this weapon is certainly important!
The Factor is an adjustable PCP air rifle where the hammer spring tension and regulator pressure can be adjusted for the desired velocity for the bullet.

Due to the long barrel and high working pressure of this rifle, the Factor can reach up to 213 joules in 7.62mm and 229 joules in 9mm! This makes this compressed air rifle a suitable option for shooting heavy ammunition.

This high power naturally results in a loud bang. But thanks to the QE (Quiet Energy) barrel shroud, this rifle is still very pleasant to shoot.
If you want to mount an extra silencer, the barrel shroud has M14x1.25 threading and the barrel itself (under the shroud) has 1/2x20 UNF thread.

So, as just mentioned, the Hatsan Factor Sniper has a regulator. This is an extremely important feature for the precision of a PCP air rifle.
The regulator ensures that the rifle uses exactly the same pressure for every shot.
With consistency as a result!


Ambidextrous design

Can't leave out the lefties! The Hatsan Factor Sniper's grip and stock are fully ambidextrous and even the side-lever can be switched from right to left.

Power source: Pre compressed pneumatic (PCP)
Caliber: 7.62mm (.30) | 9mm (.35)
Muzzle energy: Max 213 | 229 joules
Fill pressure: 300 bar
Air capacity: 700cc
Regulator: Yes, Adjustable
Operating system: Side lever
Magazine: 16 | 13 shots
Max. projectile length: 12mm
Optic mounting: 11mm dovetail & 22mm picatinny/weaver
Weight: 5kg
Length: 1180 to 1260mm (extendable stock)
Barrel length: 760mm
Muzzle: Shroud has male M14x1.25 threads and barrel (under shroud) 1/2x20UNF
Accessories: Case, magazine, foster quick-connect
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