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Gamo HPA MI Maxxim IGT Black Break Barrel Air Rifle


Gamo HPA MI Maxxim IGT is a 24 Joules airgun composed of a last generation Whisper Maxxim® barrel and an ergonomic matte black polymer stock.

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The Gamo HPA Mi Maxxim IGT has been one of Gamo's best-selling air rifles for several years!

The most striking is of course the two-part bipod. These are mounted on the sides of the stock using 22mm picatinny rails.
This makes this rifle quite unique, because mounting a bipod is normally not an option on a break barrel rifle.
(with the exception of mounting on the barrel, but this is often disastrous for precision)

Inside, the rifle is powered by Gamo's IGT gas-piston technology.
This piston offers smoother cocking and shooting than a normal coil spring.
With this piston, the rifle creates up to 24 joules of power.

The barrel is protected by the Maxxim barrel shroud. This shroud also has a built in sound moderator to reduce noise and a muzzle break.

The ergonomic stock has an adjustable cheek piece and removable padding inside the butt.


In short, the Gamo HPA offers a lot of nice features in a well built and easy to use rifle.



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Power source: IGT Gas piston
Caliber: 4.5mm (.177) | 5.5mm (.22)
Muzzle energy: 24 joules
Magazine: Single shot
Operating system: Break barrel
Trigger: CAT trigger
Optics mounting: 11mm dovetail
Barrel length: 505mm
Total length: 1210
Weight: 3kg
Muzzle: Whisper Maxxim
Accessories: Bipod
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