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FX Maverick Compact


Compact, powerful, and extremely accurate!

The Maverick Compact gives power and precision in a compact and nimble package.

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The FX Maverick has been a hugely popular air rifle for years thanks to its compact and lightweight nature.
Due to the bullpup design with the action and magazine in the back of the stock, this rifle maintains an efficient long barrel despite the short package.
This Compact version is thanks to the shorter barrel (still a full 500mm) and more compact & lighter 300cc compressed air cylinder, more agile than the Sniper and the VP versions.
This makes this compressed air rifle perfect for outdoor use and pest control.

This rifle is almost comparable to the FX Wildcat Compact BT, but instead of the synthetic stock, a chassis stock.  Which is expandable with accessories such as a bipod, lights, lasers, etc.
Thanks to the wide adjustment range, this rifle is ideal for a large number of uses.
The FX Maverick Compact
FX rifles are known for their high precision and wide adjustability.
Based around the Wildcat MK3, the Maverick is a more powerful option (the more powerful Wildcat MK3 BT is again a kind of Maverick in a synthetic stock).
     Higher power potential
     The Maverick is equipped with a large 89cc plenum.
     The plenum is the part that contains the regulated air used for the shot.
     A larger plenum gives greater power potential and optimizes the rifle for lower regulator pressure.
     Rear Power Adjuster
     On the back of the action is now an adjustment wheel for the hammer spring.
     Easily adjusts the power in 8 steps (0-7) to optimize the Maverick for different ammunition types and uses
     At position 0, a small Allen key can be inserted into the adjusting wheel to adjust the hammer spring pressure to a micro level.
     Adjustable AMP regulator
     The regulator ensures that the rifle constantly uses the same pressure with every shot.
     This makes rifles with a regulator significantly more accurate than models without this part.
     FX's AMP regulator is adjustable in pressure, allowing this rifle to be adjusted for multiple uses in conjunction with the power adjuster.
     For example, a higher regulator pressure gives more power, and a lower pressure gives more shots per fill.
     Smooth Twist X barrel system
     Like many other FX rifles, the Maverick is equipped with the STX barrel system.
     These barrels contain interchangeable liners where the pulls and fields are rolled in externally.
     Thanks to this system, the barrels and liners with different twist-rates and lengths can be exchanged for different uses.
     As standard, this rifle is equipped with the STX Superior liner, which is optimized for pellets and lighter slugs

Power source: Pre compressed pneumatic (PCP)
Caliber: 5.5mm (.22) | 6.35mm (.25)
Muzzle energy: standard (max with power kit) | 40 (70) | 60 (90) | 105 (128) joules
Fill pressure: 250 bar
Air capacity: 300cc
Operating system: Sidelever
Magazine: 18 shots
Max. projectile length: 11mm
Optic mounting: 22mm Picatinny/Weaver
Weight: 2900 grams
Length: 700mm
Barrel length: 500mm
Muzzle: 1/2unf
Accessories: Case, foster quick connect, magazine
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