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Wildlife/Hunting Camera HikMicro M15


This HikMicro M15 wildlife camera is perfectly suited to track wildlife in your hunting area and to keep an eye on them.

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The HikMicro M15 wildlife camera is designed to track wildlife in your hunting area and to keep an eye on the population.

The wildlife camera takes pictures with a resolution of up to ten megapixels and takes videos with audio of ten seconds with a resolution of 1080 pixels.
Longer videos of 20 and 30 seconds reduce the resolution down to 720P and WVGA.

It can even use a burst mode to take up to three pictures in quick succession. This means the camera will rapidly take one, two or three pictures per detection.
The camera takes colour images by day and black-and-white images by night. The twelve 940nm infrared LEDs guarantee a clear image, even at night.

The 4G antenna ensures all pictures and videos are sent to the HikMicro Sight smartphone app, which is free to download. This allows you to set up the camera to your preferences. Set up to two operating periods, set the resolution for images or videos and adjust a variety of other options.

Despite these many options, the HikMicro M15 wildlife camera is incredibly easy to use.

Setting up is rather easy. There is a battery compartment in the bottom of the camera for six to twelve AA batteries.
With twelve AA batteries, the camera should work for no less than six months in standby mode.
After putting in the batteries, you can attach the camera to a tree with a strap, or set it up with a tripod with the 1/4’’–20 UNF thread on the bottom and in the back.
After placing it, you can open the compartment on the front. There’s a SIM card slot on the left and there’s room on the right side for an SD-card of up to 32 GB, to store the pictures and videos.

Price plan
For sending the images, HikMicro has multiple options ranging from €4 to €13.
For an updated list and information, please check the HikMicro M15 page and scroll down.


The HikMicro M15 wildlife camera has a passive infrared motion sensor which activates the camera if something walks by. This means it will only activate and take pictures or videos if there’s actually something walking past, preventing it from needlessly draining the batteries. The highly sensitive motion sensor has a maximum range of 25 meters at a diagonal angle of 60 degrees and a horizontal angle of 45 degrees. The camera has a trigger speed of half a second, meaning you won’t miss a thing. This M15 wildlife camera has a size of 112x86.4x143 mm, it has a weight of 440 grams and it has a camouflage print. It will seamlessly blend into the environment, allowing you to keep a close eye on your hunting area.

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