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Bush Buck .452 PCP Big Bore Rifle

The Bushbuck is a high quality big bore PCP air rifle made for shooting heavy .452 (11.48mm) slugs at long ranges.
100% Made in the USA!

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The Bushbuck .452 caliber PCP air rifle is constructed as a strong, high-quality platform to deliver the highest power with the highest level of accuracy.

The bolt housing and 22mm picatinny rails are milled from one solid block of aircraft aluminium with the possibility for a low bore-axis for the scope.
For perfect alignment to the eye, the cheekpiece of the laminated wooden stock is adjustable in height.

The Bushbuck's air cylinder is an all-steel design, providing a sturdy anchor for the high-quality, accurate .452 cal. barrel.
This barrel is equipped with a special twist rate to properly stabilize short and long bullets.
The Bushbuck has been tested for accuracy up to 250 meters away, with astonishing results.

This 285cc cylinder offers two full power shots of 800+ joules on full power and about four shots of +-450 joules on low with a cylinder pressure of 4500 psi (high) and 3000 psi (low).
Cocking and loading the rifle is done simultaneously with sufficient space for the extra long bullets.
The trigger group is a very solid unit that with a trigger weight of approximately 3lbs.

This beautifully finished rifle is housed in a high-quality, USA-made laminate stock.
The stock comes with laser engraved checkering on the pistol grip and fore-end which adds to the visual appeal of this beautiful rifle and features dual sling studs on the front for a bipod and sling.

The Bushbuck 45 is made with both competition and hunting in mind. The result is a high precision rifle that's strong enough to be used like a tool!
The Bushbuck is suitable for anything you can find in North America and most non-dangerous African game species are no problem.
Where you will see these rifles shine even more, are long-distance target events at the highest level.


It goes without saying that the Bushbuck is not a toy, but with so much power you also have instructions for use with do's and don'ts.

Do's & Dont's:

  1. Use only .452 caliber soft lead ammunition with a Brinell hardness of 8-12.
    Also, do not use projectiles with a jacket such as copper.
    Using bullets other than soft lead or other under/oversizes will void your warranty.
  2. At full power, from maximum filling pressure (4200PSI/290 bar) never fire more than 2 shots.
    After this, the pressure is too low and the bullet may get stuck in the barrel.
  3. Never shoot on low power at pressures higher than 3000PSI (206 bar).
    This is where valve lock can occur and the bullet may get stuck in the barrel.
  4. Never load the rifle with multiple projectiles.
  5. Make sure your bullet has left the barrel.
Power source: Pre compressed pneumatic (PCP)
Caliber: 0.452 inch
Muzzle energy: 800+
Fill pressure:
Air capacity: 285cc
Regulator: No
Operating system: Bolt action
Magazine: Single shot
Max. projectile length:
Optic mounting: 22mm picatinny/weaver
Weight: 4650 grams
Length: 1250mm
Barrel length: 760mm
Muzzle: Not threaded, adapters available
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