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VictOptics S6 1-6x24 VI-CTSIX LPVO | Coyote FDE


The S6 is a surprisingly sturdy and well finished rifle scope for a low price!
This scope is dubbed as the best LPVO in the <€200 price range.

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Article number: OPSL23 - Coyote FDE
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The VictoOptics S6 1-6x24 VI-CTSIX rifle scope is a surprisingly sturdy and well finished rifle scope for a low price!
With a magnification range of 1x (no magnification) to 6x, these scopes are built to be universal in use.



VictOptics is owned by Vector Optics. This is a Chinese rifle scope manufacturer that has already brought a wide range of interesting optics to the market.
These are mainly known for the surprisingly good finish and wide features for a low price.

This LPVO (low power variable optic) rifle scope is also made of very sturdy 6061 T6 aluminum with a matte black finish.


1-6x LPVO

An LPVO refers to a rifle scope with a minimum magnification of 1x that can be increased to e.g. 4x, 6x or 8x.
The big advantage of this is that you can use the rifle scope at 1x as a red dot and shoot with both eyes open.
If you need to work more precisely, you can increase the magnification.

Included is a screw-on throw-lever with which the magnification can be switched in an instand.

This makes these types of rifle scopes extremely universal and suitable for both close and medium distances.


Image quality

The S6 has a tube size of 30mm in which the objective lens of 24mm is located.
The lenses have a multi-coating for even better light transmission.
This gives the rifle scope a sharp image from edge to edge, allowing you to fully utilize the field of view.


VI-CTSIX Reticle

Inside this compact scope is the VI-CTSIX reticle.
This detailed, but clear reticle is etched in glass and has 5 positions for the red or green illumination.

In the middle is a horseshoe reticle. Open circle helps you get on target quickly without interfering with the detailed design for an accurate shot.

Below is a Christmas tree with dots. At 6x magnification, these dots are distanced 1 milliradian horizontally & vertically.
At 100m this refers to 10cm.



The external turrets are of surprisingly good quality for the price range!
Pull out the turret and quickly apply your correction. Then push it in and the turret is locked and cannot rotate on accident.

The adjustment of the turrets is 0.2 MRAD per click (2cm @ 100m).
This is a rougher adjustment than the common 0.1 MRAD we see more often.
But this is really more than adequate enough for the purpose of this lower magnification scope.

After zeroing, the turrets can be reset to the 0 position.
This is a feature we like to see in serious scopes.



    • Throw-lever
      This screw-on lever allows you to quickly adjust your magnifiction as needed.
    • 22mm Picatinny mounts
      The included mounts are a nice addition. But are not the best quality in our opinion.
      This is the only flaw of the rifle scope and we recommend that you consider other suitable mounts.
    • Flip covers
      To protect the lenses, these scopes come with flip covers for the objective and ocular lens.
    • Lens cloth
      The lenses have a coating. You can easily scratch this off with a paper towel or dirty shirt.
      Therefore always clean them with a lens cloth.

All you need is a CR2032 battery for the illuminated reticle!

Magnification: 1-6x
Objective lens: 24mm
Tube Diameter: 30mm
Parallax Adjustability: No
Ocular Adjustability: Yes
Reticle Position: Second focal plane
Illuminated Reticle: 5 Brightness levels | Red & Green
Reticle style: VI-CTSIX MRAD
Reticle Adjustability: External lockable turrets
Click value: 0.2 | 1/5MRAD (total of 50MRAD)
Oxygen Purged (Nitrogen):
Length: 249mm
Weight: 425 gram
Accessories: Flip covers, Mounts, cloth, throw lever
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