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Umarex Hammer Carbine .510 PCP Rifle


With more than 760 joules of energy is the Umarex Hammer one of the most powerful airguns in production.
This compact Big Bore airgun does not only offer power, but also precision!

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Article number: Hammer Compact
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The Umarex Hammer Carbine is with a caliber of .510" (12.97mm) and with more than 760 joules of muzzle energy one of the most powerful airguns in production.
But raw power is not the only feature of the Hammer!


Power in a compact package

The Umarex Hammer Carbine is a compact variant of the Standard Umarex Hammer.
Even with its short size, the Hammer Carbine offers some power that you shouldn't sneeze at!

Producing a muzzle energy of 709 joules with 350 grain slugs and 766 joules with 550 grain slugs, the Hammer Carbine is perfectly capable of slinging heavy slugs down range.

One way the Hammer Carbine maintains this high energy is thanks to the new Pressure Sealed magazines!
These magazines seal against the barrel and prevent air from leaking out to the sides when shooting.


Lothar Walther barrel

The Hammer uses the high quality .51" caliber Lothar Walther barrel made for precision and consistency.
Combined with the built-in regulator, this gives the Hammer a high level of precision.


Ergonomic design

The high quality stock and its materials have been developed in cooperation with PolyOne
Combining this stock with a Magpul AR-style pistol grip gives a Hammer a comfortable hold.



Not featured on many big-bore airguns, is a built-in regulator.
The Hammer's regulator has a pressure setting of 207 bar.
This ensures 2 consistent full-power shots and only a power loss of only 10% on the 3rd shot.


The Hammer Carbine by Umarex

This carbine variant of the Hammer offers a surprisingly high amount of power in a compact package.
Offering consistent power and a quick follow-up shot, the Hammer Carbine is truly made for the hunter. But it is thanks to its high quality parts more than a capable tool for the long range shooter!

Power source: Pre compressed pneumatic (PCP)
Caliber: .51" (12.95mm)
Muzzle energy: 766 joule with 550 grain slugs
Fill pressure: 310 bar
Air capacity: 573cc
Regulator: Yes (207 bar)
Operating system: straight-pull
Magazine: 2x 2-shots
Max. projectile length:
Optic mounting: 22mm Picatinny
Weight: 3.8kg
Length: 867mm
Barrel length: 590mm
Muzzle: M18x1 threaded
Accessories: 2 magazines, 6 SLA slugs, manual
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