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JTS Airacuda Barrel band Beauty ring

Some shooters may find it preferable to remove the barrel band of their JTS Airacuda Standard or Max.
This ring fits onto the air cylinder and fills the gap between the cylinder and the dust cover.

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In some cases it might be preferable to remove the barrel band of your JTS Airacuda Max/STD.
While a barrel band enhances the rigidity of the system, a free floating barrel can offer a higher precision potential.

When you remove the barrel band of the Airacuda, you leave a gap between the cylinder and the dust cover.
Besides looking horrendous, this gap might collecting dust, dirt and other stuff you don't want near your fill port.
This ring fits (very) snuggly onto the cylinder and fills the gap.

We tested the fit on 15 different Airacuda rifles and they can all be a little different in tightness.
If you plan on removing the ring a lot (e.g. to open the cylinder), we recommend sanding the inside of the ring a little.

Of course, its best to test if shooting without barrel band is suitable to your style before buying this ring.


Designed and produced in our shop in the Netherlands!

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