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FX Impact M3 Sniper


The newest iteration of the world famous FX Impact.
With a wide range of upgrades, the M3 offers a significant improvement over previous models.

This Sniper variant is equipped with a longer barrel and larger bottle.

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FX is a Swedish manufacturer of high-end airguns.
Just like many of their models, the Impact series are made for modularity, adjustability and precision.

The M3 is currently the newest iteration of the Impact series.
With a wide range of improvements and upgrades, this is truely a step up over the previous models.
The FX Impact M3 truely defines a modern PCP airgun.

This sniper variant is equipped with a longer 700mm barrel (9mm sports the 800mm barrel) and a larger 580cc bottle.

Dual regulators
The M3 is now fitted with a dual regulator system/
The first regulator is used to lower the pressure of the air bottle to a working pressure.
After that, the second regulator is used tune the pressure to very fine level for every shot.
Thanks to this, the M3 offers a much higher precision and consitency.

A large advantange of this, is that the M3 can be upgraded with a 300 bar bottle (default is 250 bar).
The first regulator ensure that the pressure is lowered to a usable pressure for the second regulator.

The second regulator is adjustable (technically, the second too. But FX advises against this) to adjust power and efficiency.
It is of importance that the two regulators maintain a difference between 30 to 40 bar.

Wika pressure gauges
A pleasant improvement over previous models, are the addistion of Wika gauges.
In contrast to olders models, these are much more precise.

Power Plenum 720
A substantial improvement over the MK2, is that the M3 is equipped larger Power Plenum 720 with a 72cc capacity.
This plenum offers even more power for shooting heavier projectiles such as slugs.
An added avantage, is that this larger plenum allows the usage of a lower regulator pressure without reducing in power.

Of course, the power can be tuned down to use lighter projectiles or conserve air.

Quick-Tune System
One of of the larger upgrades on the M3, is the Quick Tune System.
This system allows the shooter to fine-tune the system without any tools.

The rear marco-power wheel now has more steps (16) between 1.5-4.5 m/s (5-15 fps) per click.
Next to that, the micro-adjustment wheel can finely tune the power withs steps of around 0.3-0.6 m/s (1-2 fps).
The difference between each step is of course depending on the power setting, caliber and projectile.

Just like the previous model, the valve return-spring is adustable via a turn-knob below the barrel.
This allows the user to adjust how long the valve remains open.

The easily removable barrel has a transferport with 2 dfifferent ports.
The first normal sized port is used for lighter/normal weight projectiles.
Rotate the barrel 180 degrees, and the transferport will the use the larger double slottel port.
This allows a quicker airflow and is used for heavier projectiles.

Ambidextrous side-lever
This side lever has been made larger and easier to use.
Thanks to a simple system, the lever can be switched to either the left or right side (default is right).

20 MOA rails
Introduced at the end of the MK2 production, the new Impact comes with a 22mm picatinny rails with a 20 MOA angle.
Thanks to this angle, the scope does not need to be adjusted beyond 20MOA for long range shooting.

Smooth Twist X
Just like other models, the Impact M3 is equipped with the Smoot Twist X barrel system.
The barrels are easy to remove and use switchable liners.

Thanks to this system, the barrels can be changed to different calibers.
The liners can be switched to use a preffered twistrate/choke depening on the preffered projectile.
(When changing calibers, the pellet probe must also be changed)

Our video discussing the differences between the Impact MK2 and the M3:

Power source: Pre compressed pneumatic (PCP)
Caliber: 4.5 | 5.5 | 6.35 | 7.62 | 9mm
Muzzle energy: Factory numbers on max power p/cal: 47 | 107 | 120 | 168 | 211 joules
Fill pressure: 250 bar
Air capacity: 580cc
Regulator: Dual regulator system
Operating system: Side-lever right side (ambidextrous)
Magazine: Capacity p/caliber: 38 | 28 | 28 | 23 | 18 shots
Max. projectile length: 11mm
Optic mounting: 22mm picatinny
Weight: 3.1kg (9mm = 3.35kg)
Length: 860mm (9mm = 1120mm)
Barrel length: 700mm (9mm = 800mm)
Muzzle: Yes, 1/2UNF threading
Accessories: Rifle case, magazine, quick-connect fill adapter, user manual
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