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Bruni Herd Wolf 212 Semi-automatic Co2 airgun


The Bruni Herd Wolf is a semi-automatic Co2 rifle that shoots 4.5mm steel BBs.

This extremely fun rifle is equipped with rails at the top and bottom for accessories such as scopes, lights or grips.
There is a built-in laser under the barrel.

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The Herd Wolf is a semi-automatic rifle that works on Co2 capsules.
This means that for every time you pull the trigger, the gun fires a shot. Without having to recock thee rifle in between shots!

This rifle gets its power from 12 grams of Co2 capsules.
You can place this capsule in a compartment in the grip.

The magazine goes into the bottom of the grip and has room for 21 4.5mm steel BB's
You can empty between 5 and 7 magazines on a Co2 capsule (depending on temperature and power setting).

The Bruni Herd Wolf is equipped with clear sights. You can replace these with a red dot or any other scope thanks to the 22mm picatinny/weaver rails on top of the rifle.
There are also rails at the bottom for placing a light, bipod or grip.
There is also a laser module incorporated under the barrel that allows you to be on target quickly!

Power source: Co2 12 grams
Caliber: 4.5mm steel BB
Muzzle energy: 7.5 joules
Magazine: 21 shots
Operating system: Semi automatic
Trigger: N.a.v.
Optics mounting: 22mm picatinny/weaver
Barrel length: N.a.v.
Total length: 92cm
Weight: 1.5 kg
Muzzle: Not threaded
Accessories: Batteries for the laser
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