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Black Bunker BM8 TAN Thread | 5.5mm (.22) foldable airgun

Looking for a sturdy, powerful airgun that is easy to transport?
Black Bunker has made the ultime survival airgun with the foldable BM8!

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Of course, the most striking feature of the BM8 is the folding design, but this is not the only thing this rifle has to offer!
Black Bunker has clearly thought of the design of the BM8 and it sports some nice features.


Foldable design

When we saw the Black Bunker BM8 at IWA 2023, we wondered how they did this.
Now that we have it in our hands it is clear that it is a functional, smart, sturdy but above all simple design.

With a simple lever you disconnect the cocking arm and you can fold the rifle without cocking it.
Secure the barrel in the folding the stock and now the BM8 is easy to transport or store.

Then you click the barrel loose from the stock, extend the rifle and re-tighten the cocking arm.
This takes less than a full second and your rifle is ready for use.



The Black Bunker BM8 has a stout power of 24 joules in 5.5mm (.22), this is a popular power class that provides enough power, but is still easy to cock and shoot.
The BM8 is able to generate this force with a gas ram/piston.
In contrast to the traditional coil spring, it shoots and cocks much more smoothly.


Accessory & Optics rails

The BM8 also has 22mm rails on the sides of the stock for mounting accessories.
This allows you to easily mount the AG-3 2-piece bipod for a stable shot.

On top of this air rifle there is a 22mm rail for optics. This allows you to easily mount your favourite rifle scope.
Don't have this yet? No problem! The BM8 is equipped with a set of very good iron sights.


Threaded muzzle

What is not yet visible in all photos is that this air rifle is equipped with 1/2unf threads on the barrel.
This allows you to easily install a suppressor/silencer such as the NGS-60.
A break-barrel rifle is difficult to silence due to the mechanism (which is the loudest for the shooter), but a good silencer will significantly reduce the muzzle blast at the barrel!


In short: the Black Bunker BM8 is a very interesting air rifle that not only has an innovative feature, but the general functional quality has clearly also been considered.

Do you have any questions about BM8?
Please feel free to contact our experienced staff for anything that you want to know about this neat piece of engineering!

Power source: Gasram/piston
Caliber: 5.5mm (.22)
Muzzle energy: 24 joules
Magazine: Single shot
Operating system: Break barrel
Optics mounting: 22mm picatinny/weaver
Barrel length:
Total length: 1080mm
Weight: 3.4kg
Muzzle: Thread 1/2unf
Accessories: Case for accessories, barrel cover
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