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Ballistic Rangefinder Element Helix 1500

This compact, lightweight rangefinder from Element optics not only measures the distance to your target, but also calculates the necessary corrections to hit the target with your rifle!

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Article number: Helix LRF
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The Helix 1500 from Element is a compact, lightweight rangefinder that has more functions than you would expect from a standard rangefinder.


Laser Rangefinder

First things first. The main function of the Helix 1500 is of course measuring distances.
When you look through the ocular lens of the Helix, you see your target with 6x magnification.
Set the aim point on the target and press the button on the top to activate the laser.
The Helix then uses the invisible laser to measure the distance to the target.

The Element Optics Helix 1500 has a range of (you guessed it) 1500 meters!
The Helix has 3 different modes to take measurements:

  • LOS (Line of Sight): Allows the rangefinder to measure the actual distance to the object.
  • HCD (Horizontal Component Distance): The rangefinder only measures the horizontal distance to the object. No matter the angle.
  • BALC (Ballistic Calculator): This mode displays the LOS together with a ballistic calculation for the point of impact.
    It can display that calculation in MOA, MRAD, inches or cm.


Ballistic Calculator

The highlight of the Helix 1500 is of course the Ballistic Calculator.
Thanks to the Ballistic Chip, the Helix can use the measured distance to calculate your bullet's trajectory.

By connecting the Helix to the free Element Optics app you can enter the data from your scope and projectile. Think of mounting height, bullet weight, speed, etc.
The Helix uses this data to calculate the correction and indicate it on the display.

This allows you to use the Helix to quickly and accurately target your optics at long distances.


Min. distance: N.a.v.
Max. distance: 1500m
Weight: 150 grams
Accessories: Pouch
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