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TalonP Carbine | .25 PCP Airgun


The TalonP Carbine is a compact, light, but powerful compressed air rifle from the well-known brand Airforce.
This power-adjustable PCP rifle comes with an adjustable stock and moderator.

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The Talon P Carbine from Airforce Airguns is the ideal all-round PCP rifle.

The compact and light design makes this rifle easy to use. But despite the size, this rifle is very powerful.



Adjustable Power

Thanks to the adjustable hammer spring, the Talon can be easily adjusted and tuned for different use-cases.
For example, in our tests with 1.30 grams H&N Field Target Trophy, this carbine gave around 35-40 Joules at a low setting, and around 60-70 Joules at a higher setting at 300+ m/s.

With a low-power tune, the airgun will conserve air for more shots p/fill with a more curved trajectory.
But even at low-power, it has plenty of punch.

With a high-power tune, the Talon offers a heavier punch and flatter trajectory at the expense of more air usage.


Lothar Walther Barrel

The Airforce Talon is equipped with a 305mm high-quality Lothar Walther barrel.
These barrels are know for their high standards and finish for extreme precision.

Combined with the tune-ability, this offers a very accurate rifle.


215cc Bottle

At the rear of the carbine, there is a 215cc bottle.
With a fill pressure of 3000 PSI (207 bar), this small bottle is perfectly suited to fill with a handpump.
Of course, you have to like handpumping. But it offers a great option for the autonomous shooter.

Even with this small bottle, this carbine offers +- 30 shots on low power, and 10 on max. power.



The Talon P comes with a compact suppressor that's surprisingly effective.

This suppressor can easily be removed for compact transport.


Using the TalonP

The TalonP can easily be filled with the foster quick-connect on the right side of the rifle.

When the knob above the breech is pushed forward, the hammerspring will be cocked and the breech will open.
This will engage the automatic safety and expose the barrel.

Then, a pellet can be inserted and the breech can be closed.
After disengaging the safety in the trigger guard, the carbine can be shot.

Power source: Pre compressed pneumatic (PCP)
Caliber: 6.35mm (.25)
Muzzle energy: 70 joules
Fill pressure: 3000 PSI (207 bar)
Air capacity:
Regulator: No
Operating system: Slide breech
Magazine: Single shot
Max. projectile length: No limit
Optic mounting: 11mm dovetail
Weight: 1.95 kg
Length: 704.85mm (819.5mm with moderator)
Barrel length: 305mm Lothar Walther
Muzzle: Moderator included
Accessories: Moderator
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