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Air Arms S510 XS Xtra Beech


The owner of an S510 XS Xtra gets the full range of Air Arms performance developments, presented in the company’s trademark combination of elegant stock and sleek action.

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The owner of an S510 XS Xtra gets the full range of Air Arms performance developments, presented in the combination of an elegant stock and sleek action.
Within that action, an enhanced firing system delivers high power and full hunting standard accuracy.

The S510 XS Xtra is equipped with a Series 7 regulator and valve system and has a power adjuster on the side of the rifle.


Fit & Finish

The S510 has the quality and attention to detail that we all know from Air Arms.
From the fitted stock to finish of the metal and the cocking of the lever.

The S510's multi-shot action uses 10-shot magazines and a made from high quality materials.
When loading an cocking the rifle, the action on smooth and easy to use.


Using the S510 XS Xtra

The S510 uses a side-lever to cock and load the rifle. The S510's action has an internal lever that rotates and indexes the magazines.
The way this lever works lowers the chance of a double feed.

On the side is a power adjuster that cuts off the transfer port.
This adjuster has set positions and it is easy to return to different settings.
Thanks to this adjuster, it is very easy to change your power output and optimize the rifle for different kinds of ammunition and purposes.

The Match-grade Lothar Walther barrel is fitted inside a protective shroud.
This shroud has baffles and acts as a moderator. Optionally the muzzle is threaded for an extra moderator/silencer.
Note: the threads on the muzzle are internal (female). Because of this you can only use the Q-Tec Silencer or you need an adapter.

When shooting the S510 XS Xtra, the cocking and loading is very smooth and the trigger is a pleasure to use.
The 2 included magazines are easy to load and do not need to be winded.


Filling the S510 XS Xtra

The S510 comes with Air Arms' fill adapter.
This adapter can be fitted directly to the 1/8BSP threads on the hose of your bottle.
Alternatively, you can attach the fill adapter to a male foster adapter and keep the adapter safe in a pouch and attach it to the hose fitted with a female foster coupling when needed.


FAC Full Power

It goes without saying that all our rifles are Full power and you can buy them from us without any licence. But we'll mention it anyway.
In the United Kingdom, where these rifles are made, there is a limit of 12 ft-lbs (about 16 joules) of muzzle energy for air rifles.
More powerful rifles therefore require an FAC/license to own in the UK.

Of course, since we are based in the Netherlands, you do not need a permit/permit for these rifles to buy a rifle from us.
For more information on buying full power airguns, check our shipping page.

Because there are many numbers and variants on the internet, we would like to inform you that this is the FAC version with full muzzle energy of 43 joules in .22 amd 59 joules in .25.


Check our visit to the Air Arms stand at the IWA 2024:

Power source: Pre compressed pneumatic (PCP)
Caliber: 5.5mm (.22) | 6.35 (.25)
Muzzle energy: 43 | 59 joules adjustable
Fill pressure: 250 bar
Air capacity: N.a.v.
Regulator: Series 7
Operating system: Side lever
Magazine: 10 shots
Max. projectile length: 9.6mm
Optic mounting: 11mm dovetail
Weight: 3.3kg
Length: 1110mm
Barrel length: 493.5mm
Muzzle: Female 1/2UNF
Accessories: 2 magazines, fill adapter, manual
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