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Air Arms Pro Sport Walnut 5.5mm (.22) FAC


There is no air rifle as elegant as the Pro Sport from the famous Air Arms.
The right-handed walnut stock of this "Full Power" underlever airgun is finished with beautiful engravings/checkering.

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The Air Arms Pro Sport is a single-shot underlever spring rifle with the cocking lever fitted inside the stock.
This gives the Pro Sport very elegant contours.
The Pro Sport represents the pinnacle of Air Arms spring-driven technology and, according to many, the very best of its kind.



As we have come to expect from the famous British Air Arms, this air rifle has a very high-quality finish with deep blued steel and a sturdy right-handed walnut stock with beautifully finished engravings.
These engravings not only promote the elegant appearance, but also have the practical purpose of giving the shooter a better grip.

The quality is not only visible in the finish, but also in the results.
The design with a fixed barrel and the use of high-quality materials make the Pro Sport a particularly accurate rifle and suitable for the hands of the precise shooter!


FAC Full Power

It goes without saying that all our rifles are "full power" and you can buy them from us without any licence. But we'll mention it anyway.
In the United Kingdom, where these rifles are made, there is a limit of 12 ft-lbs (about 16 joules) of muzzle energy for air rifles.
More powerful rifles therefore require an FAC/license to own in the UK.

Of course, since we are based in the Netherlands, you do not need a permit/permit for these rifles to buy a rifle from us.
For more information on buying full power airguns, check our shipping page.

Because there are many numbers and variants on the internet, we would like to inform you that this is the FAC version with full muzzle energy of 23 joules in 5.5mm (.22).


Using the Pro Sport

The Air Arms Pro Sport uses a sturdy cocking-lever underneath the stock to cock the internal spring.
This also opens the loading gate above the rifle, where the shooter can load his preferred ammunition.
When closing, the cocking arm returns to its position in the stock and closes the loading port.

The Pro Sport uses the CD trigger system developed by Air Arms, which is particularly pleasant to use and easily adjustable.
When cocking, the rifle jumps into its automatic safety.
By disabling the safety with the conveniently placed button on the cylinder, the rifle is ready to shoot.

The barrel is placed inside a protective shroud that contains a built-in sound-moderator.
This silencer has a light dampening effect on the muzzle blast, which makes it much more pleasant to use.


Our opinion on the Air Arms Pro Sport

The product photos cannot show the high quality and finish Air Arms puts into its products.
The Pro Sport is truly an elegant air rifle that stands head and shoulders above its kind.

When shooting the Pro Sport, it is a pleasant experience.
The placement of the cocking lever is a little odd when you're not used to it.
But when using it for a while, it very easy and the results on paper are fantastic!



Check our visit at the Air Arms stand at the IWA 2024

Power source: Spring Piston
Caliber: 5.5mm (.22)
Muzzle energy: 23 joules
Magazine: Single Shot
Operating system: Underlever
Trigger: Adjustable two-stage CD-trigger
Optics mounting: 11mm dovetail
Barrel length: 377mm
Total length: 1050mm
Muzzle: Shrouded
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