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Accessory rails Artemis PP700SA | Short

Place accessories such as lights, lasers, grips, or other accessories under your Artemis PP700S-A with this compact picatinny rails!

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These rails replace the current trigger guard of the Artemis PP700SA and place a 22mm picatinny rails under the pressure tube.

Designed and produced in our store in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands!

Mounting these rails is quite simple:

  1. Make sure the weapon is safe.
  2. Remove the grip from the pistol (large screw at the bottom).
  3. Remove the trigger guard (2 screws back & and 1 front).
  4. Place the new rails/guard (tip: place the 2 back screws first).
  5. Place the grip back on the pistol.
Top-side mount: Artemis PP700SA
Under-side mount: 22mm Picatinny/Weaver
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