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Hill EC-3000 Evo Compressor


The new EC-3000 Evo from Hill represents quality and power.
With this compressor, you can quickly fill your airgun or cylinder up to 300 bar.

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The EC-3000 has evolved to the Hill EC-3000 EVO!
With this compressor, you can quickly fill your airgun or cylinder up to 300 bar.

What's new on the Evo?
This new variant is equipped with the Automatic Air Pressure Purge system,  a more durable and more efficient shuttle salve, and an analog pressure gauge in addition to a highly accurate digital pressure sensor.
The electronics and software have also been revised and updated to improve ease of use and functionality

The EC-3000 is fully automated.
When the compressor reached a too high temperature (75°c) the machine will pause and cool down.
When the required pressure is reached, the compressor will automatically shut-off.

This new Evo version is equipped with Automatic Air Pressure Purge system, which turns on after the motor stops and the compressor goes into the cooling cycle after the filling has been paused or stopped. This makes restarting the engine less stressful and removes all air and moisture from the system.

Thanks to these features, the Hill EC-3000 prevents damage and requires little attention when working.

With a low noise output of 75db, the Hill EC-3000 is one of the quietest compressors available.


Includes: Manual, foster quick-connect, silicon & crank oils.

Max pressure: 300 bar
Fill speed: 480cc from 100 to 250 bar in 2.5minutes | 3L bottle from 100 to 300 bar in 45 minutes
Power: 220v
Hose connection: Foster
Sizes: 46,5 x 23 x 38cm
Weight: 23,5kg
Accessories: Crank oil, silicone oil
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