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WULF Optics IR Lamp ShadowLux 850/940nm

The ShadowLux IR light is a very universal option when you want to upgrade your night vision setup.

Thanks to the interchangeable wavelength (850nm or 940nm) you can adjust this light for your purpose.

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Could your nightvision setup use an upgrade? Then the Wulf ShadowLux is an ideal option.
This infrared flashlight is very universal in use thanks to the changeable wavelength and focusable head.


Changeable light

The ShadowLux can quickly switch between 2 wavelengths of infrared and normal white light.

  • 850nm:
    840nm is a lower wavelength tha reacher further. This makes this option very interesting for long-range night vision.
    A disadvantage, however, is that in this wavelength IR lamps have a very soft red glow that falls within the visible spectrum for some vermin. This makes this a less popular wavelength for pest controllers at short distances.
  • 940nm:
    This higher wavelength has less range, but is not visible and does not have a glow.
    This is a good combination of properties for pest control at short distances such as in storages or stables.
  • White light:
    This pretty much speaks for itself. A bright white lamp
    Are you done with your job, and you want to walk out of the shed without tripping? You flip the switch to the white light.


Focusable head

By turning the head of the ShadowLux you can bundle the light.
This allows you to cast a wide light to scan your surroundings, or you can focus it for more range.
This also allows you to save power by focusing the light with a lower brightness setting.



The ShadowLux comes in a sturdy case. This is something that we are overly excited about since the light will go into rifle bag/case anyways.
But in this case we have some handy accessories for the lamp:

  • Remote Switch:
    Included with the lamp you also get the remote control with cable.
    You mount this remote control on your weapon near your non-dominant hand and now you can control the brightness of the light by using the buttons.
  • 18650 battery + charger:
    The included rechargeable 18650 battery with 3400mah comes with a charging station.
    This also makes this lamp a nice upgrade for certain night vision devices that come with an IR lamp that only takes non-rechargeable batteries.
    The only downside is that it comes with a non-european plug. So you will need travel-plug or a universal charger.
  • Note: Mount not included


Flashlight: 850/940nm & white light
Laser: No
Battery: 18650 3400mah
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