Gamo G Magnum 1250 IGT vampir

Gamo G Magnum 1250 IGT vampir

Gamo G-Skull 4,5mm Air Rifle Sold Out!

Gamo G-Skull 4,5mm Air Rifle Sold Out!

Gamo HPA Tactical PCP 5,5mm +Handpump ,Scope & Silencer

The Gamo HPA Tactical PCP 5,5mm is a 40 Joules tactic-looking air rifle which features the brand’s precharged pneumatic air technology.

Gamo's last generation PCP provides a smooth, powerful and accurate shooting due to its sophisticated compression system, which supplies a constant air feed that efficiently boosts pellets of all caliber

The muffler effectively supresses sound and reduces noise expansion.

The fixed, pre-compressed air reservoir is integrated into the rifle, and at the end of the reservoir there’s a manometer showing the level of compressed air remaining.

The barrel is an engineering feat, built using a cold-forged hammering process. This allows the rifle to deliver shots with admirable precision.

The HPA Tactical features a black, ambidextrous, synthetic stock with an adjustable cheek piece, making it highly ergonomic and light weight.

And it comes with a 3-9x40 scope , Gamo handpump ,silencer, bipod, 10 shots magazine 

  • Caliber 5,5mm mm (.22cal)
  • Energy 40 Joule
  • Velocity 291 m/s 954fps</
  • Without pump

Apart from the new tactical stock and bipod the  HPA is basically  the same as the  Gamo Coyote which is one of the best selling pcp rifles in Europe .

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Gamo HPA Tactical PCP

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Specifications Gamo HPA Tactical PCP Rifle

    • Caliber 5,5mm mm (.22cal)
    • Energy 40 Joule
    • Velocity 291 m/s 954fps
    • Comes with 3-9x40 scope and sound muffler
    • Max fill presure 230 bar 3335psi
    • Adjustable cheek piece
    • Classic bolt system with 10 shot mag
    • Adjustable Custom Action Trigger
    • All weather synthetic stock
    • Ambidextrous synthetic stock
    • Adjustable trigger
    • 11mm dovetail mounting rail
    • Weight 3,8 kg (8,36 lb)
    • Length 102 cm without silencer
    • Manual safety.
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