Powerful airguns (springers). What you need to know about them.

Powerful airguns (springers). What you need to know about them.

Disclaimer: Just to make things clear, the points we will discuss here will mostly affect spring/gas piston airguns. We will discuss PCP airguns later within this article. 


We often get the question " What's the most powerful airgun that I can get?" or "What’s the most powerful airgun?".

To get the first question out of the way: Besides financial reasons, you can get any type of power or calibre that you could want.
But do note: This dependends on your local laws.
Since we (Airguns Europe) are based in the Netherlands, there are no restrictions on the power or calibre of an airgun and we can ship freely all across the European Union.

Things to keep in mind

There are obviously many types of airguns with different power levels. And often coupled with the quest to the most powerful airgun, is the misconception that more power equals better performance.

This is, however, not always the

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Hatsan Blitz Full-Auto PCP Airgun

Hatsan Blitz Full-Auto PCP Airgun

Most airguns are either single shot or require a bolt action to cycle.
And there are some semi-automatic airguns as well.

But as the title mentions, Hatsan has delivered a fully automatic PCP airgun.

The Hatsan Blitz
Hatsan is known for delivering awesomeness. And they do it very well.
The Hatsan Blitz is one of the new airguns from their line-up.

Obviously, the main feature of this air rifle is its full-auto fire. This airgun has a fire rate of approximately 1000 to 1100 rounds/minute.

Available in 6.35 (.25) and 7.62 (.30), the Blitz offers the power you expect from Hatsan.


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Hatsan Nova Star PCP Airgun

After frequent request, today we are going to discuss the Hatsan Nova Star.
This PCP air rifle has caught the eye of many visitors in our store. This is of course thanks to its fashionable Turkish Walnut stock.

But looks isn’t everything with this airgun.


This Turkey based airgun and shotgun producer is known for producing both rugged and powerful airguns.

Due to their wide range of producs, Hatsan is popular in a wide array of airgun disciplines. Such as hunting, long range shooting, and your average back yard plinking.

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Gamo HPA Tactical PCP Airgun

The Gamo HPA Tactical is a 5.5mm (.22”) PCP air rifle that features a “tactical” appearance.

This quality airgun offers both power and potential at a very affordable price. 

At 40 Joules (29.5 ft lbf) this is a more than potent and versatile airgun.
Spitting pellets at approx. 290m/s (951 fps), the Gamo HPA offers plenty of power for small game hunting/pest control while remaining a comfortable target gun. 

Thanks to its included pump, this gun is very popular with both beginners and seasoned PCP shooters.


Gamo, based in Barcelona-Spain, has been in the airgun market since 1950.

Thanks to their streamlined production line, Gamo can offer high quality airguns for a very decent price.

The Gamo HPA is actually

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Deactivated firearms

Besides airguns and outdoor equipment, we also sell deactivated firearms.
These are firearms that have their internal components altered in such a way that they can’t be used anymore.

Because these items do not require a special license to own (depending on where you live), these are very interesting collector items.


An example
Of course, you want to know to which degree these firearms have been turned into solid pieces of steel.

Primarily, most of the cutting and welding has been done internally. So, this isn’t visible from the outside.

However, there are some visible indicators of a disabled firearm.
As an example, we will take a look at an Israeli Uzi and a Russian SKS.

A Russian SKS
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The ATN X-Sight 4K Pro day/night scope

Usually digital scopes are very expensive. But with the ATN X-Sight 4K pro, you get a lot of bang for your buck. Available in both 3-14x and 5-20x zoom

What is a digital scope?
First things first. The main difference is that in contrast to a normal scope, a digital scope uses a camera and a screen instead of multiple lenses.

This allows the scope to add multiple options. Such as changing the reticule, camera modes, digital zeroing, etc.

What’s so special about this one?
ATN Corp. has added a vast array of options a

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Modifying your airgun

Whether it is for personalisation or practical purposes, almost everyone modifies their airgun with accessories. 

This can be a small addition like a flashlight or laser, to rail adapters with quick-detach scope mounts.
The options are practically endless.


Types of options
There are many options for accessories and upgrades. Here are some of them:

A popular option that many people choose, is a scope. This is a great choice when you need more precision.

Of course there are way too many options an

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Umarex 850 M2 XT Kit Co2 Rifle

The Umarex 850 M2 XT

When talking about Co2, most airguns available are just fun plinking guns for hitting some cans.
Therefore they are known for lacking accuracy and power.
But with the Umarex 850 M2 XT, this is far from the truth.

What is it known for?
Besides great looks, the Umarex 850 is well known for its accuracy and power.
At 16 joules this gun has comparably more power than most Co2 airguns.
Running on Co2, this air rifle can take an 88 grams Co2 cartridge or a 2x 12 grams Co2 adapter.

Using an 8 shots rotary magazine, this bolt-action airgun

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The FX Boss PCP air rifle

The FX Boss PCP Air rifle

Anyone who is even a little serious about airguns, is familiar with FX Airguns.
This Swedish brand is one of the best airgun brands available for both hunting and competition shooting. 
Therefore, an airgun from FX is a common sight on any competition. And often in the hands of the winner.

Today, we are going to talk about the FX Boss.
The FX Boss is one of the more powerful and famous airgun from the FX line-up.

What makes the Boss so great?

With 130 joules

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Different types of airguns explained

A spring-piston, gas-piston, Co2, and a PCP airgun

Different types of airguns:
Often we get questions like: "What does PCP mean"? or "What is a gas-piston"?

In the broad world of airguns, a lot of terms, types and names get thrown around. And it gets confusing very quickly.
Today, I am going to explain the basics.


What are we going to talk about?
Great question! We're going to talk about the basic types of airguns and touch on some variations. We won't discuss the technical aspects, since they differ a lot between brands. But in general, functionality is the same.


Spring-piston airguns
The most b

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