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ATN Mars LT 320x240 4-8x Thermal scope


The ATN MARS LT is the lightest thermal imaging rifle scope of the MARS line.
This variant of the MARS LT uses the higher resolution 320x240 sensor for a clear and sharp image.

Note: 30mm mounts not included

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The ATN Mars LT is a thermal imaging rifle scope with the traditional design of a normal rifle scope.

Thanks to the 30mm tube size, this viewer is easy to mount with any 30mm mounting.

The LT rifle scopes from ATN keep the scopes simple to use without compromising on the essential features.
This viewer is equipped with the 320x240 sensor for extra high resolution.
Thanks to the 12μm pixel pitch (width between individual pixels), the scope provides a clear image.

What is also a very nice feature of almost all ATN viewers is the 60Hz refresh rate.
This ensures that when searching for, or moving, targets, the image remains clear and smooth.

Sensor/lens: 320x240 px/12 μm
Refresh rate: 60Hz
NETD value (mk):
FOV: 6.3x4.7
Magnification: 4x en 8x
Focus: Adjustable objective and ocular
Detection range: Detection: 1510 | Recognition: 680 | Identification: 400 (based on humanoid target)
Color modes: White-hot / Black-hot
Size: 292x56x55 mm
Weight: 650 grams
Memory: N.a.v.
Waterproof: Weather resistant IP-rating
Accessories: Eye cup, USB-c cable, case, dust cloth
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